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  1. Cory151

    Juiced no longer supporting the ODK U500?

    The Juiced Rider has built a cult following here at the Fremont Factory. We are saddened to see the worlds most unique and utilitarian ebike leave production. Break: Tora, Can I get from you: -rear passenger seats -foot pegs -bolt-on baskets -the old style controller with more low end...
  2. Cory151

    No Speed limit

    Looks like the nearest dealer is in China. Not gonna happen. Guess everybody on here is just gonna have to believe your new land speed world record cuz you said so.
  3. Cory151

    No Speed limit

    Prove if, make a video, if thats the case Ill go by one.
  4. Cory151

    Solar Charger For ST2
  5. Cory151

    Here is an e bike company with a new twist

    Why? and why am I not surprised they are associated with HiPower Cycles.o_O
  6. Cory151

    Solar Charger Build

    Got 4 of these off of CL for about $300. They are AGM type.
  7. Cory151

    Solar Charger Build

    At some point I may add another cell as I believe I have more battery than I bargained for.
  8. Cory151

    Specialized Vs Stromer? Sorry for the repeat, but I need help

    Buy whatever one actually does 28 mph in my opinion, I don't want to be passed by other ebikers
  9. Cory151

    Solar Charger Build

    Decided to test my hand at building an off the grid solar setup to charge a pair of Stromers, a Juiced Rider and a Stealth Bomber. **** Once I put a watt meter on the Bomber's charger and found it draws about 580-600 watts I knew I needed to have a decently capable solar system. Found some...
  10. Cory151

    If you knew then what you know now......

    My Stromer ST2 has been an amazing bike but if I could do it again I would just buy one of the many used ones ( almost half the price of new) on Craigslist with fewer than 100 miles on it in the San Diego, L.A. area. Although for durability, reliability in any weather or hauling heavy loads...
  11. Cory151

    Life span of an eBike

    I expect my Stealth Bomber to last another 10 years, at least. These bikes are overbuilt with seriously robust components that make it much different from my Stromers or Juiced bike. The battery is about 3 years old with 458 charge cycles on it I keep waiting on it to die since there are lighter...
  12. Cory151

    Looking for an ebike under 2k

    You can have virtually any bike for around that price if you simply buy a used one in good condition.
  13. Cory151

    Great Article re Ravi!

    Wish I knew his route and could track him as I was driving cross country with my Bomber and Juiced Rider, I would have done a few miles with him .
  14. Cory151

    Speedbox 2 for Yamaha.

    Whats it get your top speed up to?
  15. Cory151

    Joining the Stealth Bomber riders

    Just a heads up, if you pull out the back seat cushion from the 3rd Gen Prius and lay the seats down the Bomber fits perfectly. Its keeps it out of the elements. Im traveling cross country with mine in the back now.
  16. Cory151

    Electric Velomobile for $4k

    Dang that pod ride is sick
  17. Cory151

    Joining the Stealth Bomber riders

    Welcome! What # Bomber is it? Post up some pics if you get a chance. Take care with it in the rain as my Bomber doesn't seem to care for the water very much. They are absolute missiles.
  18. Cory151

    No sweat short distance commute in California

    (Im copying this from another post I responded to.) I own an $8,000 Stromer ST2 and a $12,000 Stealth Bomber (the baddest production e-bike ever made). I have tried a GREAT many bikes on the market, so you may be surprised to learn that I consider the JUICED RIDER (the Honey Badger of Ebikes)...
  19. Cory151

    I'm 84, I need to buy an electric bike.

    I own an $8,000 Stromer ST2 and a $12,000 Stealth Bomber (the baddest production e-bike ever made). I have tried a GREAT many bikes on the market, so you may be surprised to learn that I consider the JUICED RIDER to be the best all around ebikes that I know of. I own one, and even purchased one...
  20. Cory151

    Stromer tires

    Good info. So you can't order tires from the stormer dealer you bought the bike from. I think my st2 rear could use a replacement in the next 200 miles or so. Ant time frame on the OEM tires?