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    ST2 fender struts?

    Anybody know how to source a replacement set of these? Mine are sheared in two (or about to be).
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    Firmware update

    My ST2 took an update yesterday. New feature: now we can unlock the Omni from the Omni keypad instead of only via the app on a phone. Whoohoo! This is a big deal if you park in places where you can't be assured that you have a data connection for both the bike and the phone. This happened...
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    ST2 theft mode

    I had a strange situation last night where my ST2 got into theft mode (not sure how, actually, since it was locked to a big pole) and my phone's app was stuck in "unlocking theft mode" from a previous unlock that I had to do a few months ago. It took me a long time to figure out that I needed...
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    ST2 power cutouts

    Hey all, Clocked about 3k miles on my ST2. Started out great. Increasingly, now up to about half the time I ride, I experience power dropping out completely every other second or so when riding at a good steady pace. On the screen, I see the power meter going to zero and then coming back up...
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    Spoke tension ST2?

    Anybody know the recommended spoke tension for the stock ST2 rims?
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    ST2 battery compartment can't close without battery?

    So, after my ST1 was stolen, I just replaced it with an ST2. I like both bikes a lot. I often put my ebike on a rack on the back of my motorhome, sometimes driving it and leaving it there for days or longer depending on weather and locale. My rack has a huge lever arm and is close to its...
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    No power -- any ideas?

    Hey all, I'm stuck on 4th of July weekend with a Felt that won't power up. The battery has a full charge as indicated by its LEDs. It seems to be mating correctly to the socket. I don't see any corrosion or bent blades or anything. The Intuvia display has leftover power in its rechargeable...
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    Felt NINEe v Haibike 29er

    Hi all, I've test-ridden most of the bikes my local shop carries. They've been great at being patient with me. I enjoyed the Stromer ST1, and they also have a "prototype ST2" that was fun as well. But I really like the feel of the lighter Haibike, especially the hard tail. Just less weight...