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    Danny Macaskill on the new Santa Cruz emtb

    He show what an emtb can climb.
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    Tahoe National Forest opens single track to e-bikes
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    Counterfeit Bike Helmets

    I saw this recently on the news: Specialized has 14 employees chasing down counterfeit bike helmets.
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    Just For Fun Mountain Biking with Kid Cart

    This isn't an e-bike but its fun.
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    Fluid Film?

    Does anyone use Fluid Film to protect their bike and make it easier to clean? It is a lanolin based protectant. Its used under vehicles to protect from salt and to make mud wash off easier.
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    Just Sitting Here Looking At The Snow

    And wondering why I am not where it is warmer. I live in WA and am looking for a place to stay for a month or more. We would like a place that is bicycle friendly with paved paths for my wife who rides a Liberty Trike. I would like some off pavement riding. We are not wanting to camp in the...
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    Seattle Bike Expo

    Seattle Bike Expo this weekend at CenturyLink Event Center. In looking at the vendors it is evident that e-bikes will be well represented.
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    E-BIKE Error Codes

    From E-MTB. I thought someone might find this interesting.
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    Set up your Cockpit

    Article from E-MTB magazine.
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    Rain and the e-bike on a Hitch Rack

    I just purchased a hitch rack for my e-bike. I usually use an enclosed trailer, if my wife brings her trike. If you get caught in a down pour with your bike on the rack can you expect damage to the motor etc.? Would removing the battery matter? Does the make of the bike matter?
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    Cascade Bicycle Club E-bike event September 15 Just thought I would post this for people in or near Seattle.
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    Evelo Delta and the NuVinci N380

    I am considering an Evelo Delta because of the power, brakes, front fork, throttle and the size appears it will fit my short legs, long body. Any thoughts and comments will be appreciated. I will ride the bike prior to deciding to purchase. I was hoping to get comments on the NuVinci N380 on...
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    Wife has Liberty Trike

    My wife has had her trike for a 3 months. because of bad weather it has not been ridden too much. This trike is perfect for her since because of her MS she cannot lift her right leg without assistance from her arm. The low seat and low stepover height are perfect for someone with this...