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    frustrated rant: the more i learn the more i cant find an ebike

    I personally wouldn't spend more than $1500-1700 - the tech is still rapidly advancing.
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    Prodeco Battery Rebuilder

    had my Prodeco battery rebuilt by Hi-C battery in Denver area - highly recommend them!!! saved me $350!
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    Prodeco Battery Rebuilder

    directly from ProdecoTech..... Hi Mike, I saw your note about wanting a replacement battery for the Outlaw SS. (BTW- Awesome bike! That is my own personal ebike as well!) We only sell the extended range version batteries now which is the 48v/12Ah version. The cost is $799.95 with a $50...
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    Prodeco Battery Rebuilder

    I'm contacting this place for a quote for a rebuild but it's gonna be over $600..... glad I only paid $1400 for my useless dead batteried Outlaw SS; not cost effective to spend $600+ on a replacement battery.
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    Prodeco Battery Rebuilder

    same boat here, I believe they quote3d me $600 for a new battery :( $799 here....
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    Advanced LCD Matrix Display

    finally cxld my order - they're not even on the website anymore, yet they are standard on the CC-S now as well as the HyperFat..... what's up with that??? This display was one of the reasons I bought a CrossCurrent - now it's not available???
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    Advanced LCD Matrix Display

    Actually I'm having a good customer service experience so far with them...they have been responsive with emails and as well as phone calls to me.
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    is the USB port on recently received Juiced Bikes functional or still deactivated?

    Got the word from Luiz at Juiced - the USB port is still deactivated and in the future they will offer a USB cable option near the handlebars.
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    is the USB port on recently received Juiced Bikes functional or still deactivated?

    Got my CrossCurrent at the end of May 2017 and wondering about the USB port. Mine isn't working - I thought with newer batteries the USB functioned? Thanks.
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    Advanced LCD Matrix Display

    yep, same thing I heard.
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    Please vote: is this CrossCurrent frame screwed up? or normal?

    When I got the bike, the rear wheel was actually rubbing slightly on the bottom part of the frame. I contacted JuiceBikes support and they said to have the rear wheel dished/trued - which I did. For results, please see pics and vote whether you think the frame is flawed/defective. Thanks!
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    Prodeco Battery Rebuilder

    FYI this place appears to be dead - or at least doesn't respond to emails or answer their phone.
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    When is the Magnum Peak going to become available to consumers?

    very close to getting a Peak - I wish it came in a larger 20 or 21 inch frame tho.
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    New Line of Bafang Max Mid Drive Bikes

    is a throttle included or available on any of these models? thanks!
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    Throttle or no Throttle? The Solution: Adapt!

    does that they're not shipping soon? thanks for the reply Tora!
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    Known Issues & Problems with Juiced Bikes Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    are the newer batteries still shipping with the USB inop? I hope not, I just ordered a USB powered bike light.
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    Throttle or no Throttle? The Solution: Adapt!

    I second this (just ordered the LCD).
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    Decision help needed ASAP! JuiceBikes CrossCurrent vs 2015 Raleigh Takoa IE

    Guys, please offer you opinions ASAP -- This will be a commuter bike (about 12 miles RT) with definitely some trail riding in there as well - nothing heavy duty, but light trails. CrossCurrent is hub driven, thumb throttle to 20mph, 10.4 ah batt, 700x45 tires which I plan to swap to MTB tires...
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    2017 - A 750 Watt bike - We want to hear your opinion

    same here I prefer more normal looking electric bikes -- also more frame sizes - not a one-size fits all bike - I'm 6 ft 1 inch so I'm afraid something like this would be too small for me...or if you want to ship me one to test it out for an unbiased review I'd be willing to try to it out...
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    Returned my Diamondback Trace EXC today

    these bikes are down to about $1100, what exactly do you mean by " 'pulling' in all levels."