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  1. Falken

    Broke the handlebar extender

    Well I guess with the new forks I've been hitting the trails a little harder than I used too. The bar extender decided to let go. In hindsight I guess it's not the best place to mount the water bottle....pretty heavy load for them. It was the mount opposite the bottle that broke...
  2. Falken

    Teo owners, have you checked your bikes speedo vs GPS?

    I noticed the other day while riding that my bikes speedometer/odometer was a little off compared to the cycling app I use on my phone. I tried another GPS app and found the same results. I have switched tires, so not sure if this will be the case with the factory kendas. My bike was out 7%...
  3. Falken

    DIY/Mods on our Teo's

    After reading @Denis Shelston's thread on his fender rubbing, I thought I would post another fix for it. I also experienced the fender rub issue, but strangely only at speed. For some reason, possibly wind or vibration, my front fender would start rubbing after 20km/h or so. When I looked...
  4. Falken

    Maybe the Red ones are faster?!

    Went for a good ride today. Found a nice hill. Was much more fun going down than coming up......:)
  5. Falken

    What I've been told about shipping update

    Well I don't know if its my place to post this...But I thought I would let people know that Benoit has replied to my email and has said the bikes are to arrive in Montreal on the 29th. Not sure of how long the turnaround will be at Teo's shop but I'm guessing we probably wont see them shipped...
  6. Falken

    Teo Frame size and questions

    Hello again, I am wondering is there anyone on this forum that owns a Teo S medium frame? Here's my dilemma.... I have just ordered 2 Teo S mediums. ( ship date not until June 10, 2017 ) Benoit has told me for my size (5'11" / 31 inseam) that the medium is the frame to get. So I went with...
  7. Falken

    Pulled the trigger!

    Well I did it. Ordered 2 limited mediums, white for my wife and red for myself. I am really looking forward to receiving the bikes! We live in a beautiful part of British Columbia where there are trails, lakes, and lots of hills. The WAC Bennet dam is not far from home and the country out...