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  1. rich c

    70 year old rider

    Do you really need an eBike to go less than 10mph?
  2. rich c

    Battery won't charge new bike

    Tech guys in China you mean? I'd really be surprised that an on-line seller called electric bike paradise has a tech department.
  3. rich c

    Is there any E-bike under 160 wh?

    If you notice, none of harry's small bikes have oversized tires on them. You won't do yourself any favors with the resistance of oversized tires with a tiny battery.
  4. rich c

    Vespa PX125 conversion

    I've never seen anyone put Bondo on top of spot filler. I was taught the other way around.
  5. rich c

    ancheer bike quit

    The suggestion about the brake cables was not to make sure they were tight, but to make sure the motor inhibitor switch is being activated. If the handle doesn't return to full rest, the motor will get no power. With that price bracket eBike, failure of the controller is a very high likelihood...
  6. rich c

    Assisted pedaling does not work

    Could be as simple as a bad connection at some plug. No error codes? Time to call the dealer.
  7. rich c

    Freezing Yamaha motor

    I believe you personally discovered the answer to question #1. It worked at -15, it didn't work at -22. Don't try to ride it under -15. You've already done the data research.
  8. rich c

    Best way lock a bike with nothing around?

    You just thought it wouldn't, or did you even research it? Your situation is the exact reason they were invented. Hill climbing ability has nothing to do with a folding frame. A thief will not hesitate climbing up on your car and with a cordless grinder, cut off the rear rack on your car. EBike...
  9. rich c

    Best way lock a bike with nothing around?

    Too bad you didn't just buy a small folding ebike. That would have eliminated all these problems. You could have stored it inside the car or condo.
  10. rich c

    Rockstar owners

    Sondors Storm Owners Group on Facebook
  11. rich c

    Rockstar owners

    The LX has a problem too. Posted by Bruce Choate on the owners group; "Just a heads up the ship containing the LX bikes is sitting off the coast by the Los Angeles port, it's been there since last week as the port is filled to capacity with over a million shipping containers. They were told last...
  12. rich c

    Rockstar owners

    Then that was the original Oct 2020 ship date.
  13. rich c

    SONDORS to debut first electric motorcycle later this month

    Branching out with more computer renderings, or really introducing a prototype? He introduced the mid drives and the specs or designs weren't even finalized. How many years ago did he introduce a 3 wheel vehicle? Yeah, that's done well. If he starts pre-selling these, or asks for investment...
  14. rich c

    Brooks saddles ceases sales... to the UK!

    Man, EVERYTHING can now political and argumentative here. Glad I don't stop by much.
  15. rich c

    2014 izip e3 dash bfang 500 watt rear hub motor PROBLEM

    900 miles in 6 years? Batteries don’t like long storage at full charge. How did you store it?
  16. rich c

    What do you think about this full suspension rear rack?

    My experience is just the opposite. I've had the Topeak on for 4 years. It's worked great for me.
  17. rich c

    Brake lever screw

    Take it out and put in a shorter bolt?
  18. rich c

    Anyone hear of Xtreme Fat Bikes?

    I wouldn't say half the ebikes discussed here have no internet comments besides the sales page. Different opinions I guess, but my point is why look at those with zero reviews.
  19. rich c

    Anyone hear of Xtreme Fat Bikes?

    What's the appeal of buying an unknown eBike from an unheard of company with very little presence of the internet? Looks like you're just trying to look for trouble.
  20. rich c

    Federal eBike Definition vs. States Class Definition

    Local ordinances override all laws regarding eBikes