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  1. antboy

    Considering adding an IGH to my Shimano E6100... upgrade or not?

    Looking for advice/experiences adding an IGH to my bike. The bike is an OHM Cruise with the Shimano E6100, and the drivetrain is a 10 speed Deore (11-36 tooth), with 42 tooth chainring. The display is the larger SC-E6100 so all kinds of cockpit info there, including gearing info. I don't NEED...
  2. antboy

    Better safe than sorry... what's your ride kit look like?

    I'm just curious as to how much "stuff" people pack when they ride. I'm usually doing 30-40km rides, and like to be prepared. At least a small portion of each ride is on gravel/dirt trails, and sometimes we discover some gnarly side trails that just need to be explored. Everything below goes...
  3. antboy

    That new bike feeling - my OHM Cruise

    I test-rode a lot of bikes with various mid-drives over the past year, and pulled the trigger on an OHM Cruise with the Shimano E6100 motor. Posted my initial impressions in the OHM forum, but man I love this burgundy step thru bike...
  4. antboy

    OHM Cruise - First 100km Impression (Shimano E6100 motor)

    The OHM Cruise with a Spark Mini in the background. Off the top - I love this bike. As someone with the inseam of a small bike, but torso of a medium bike, the step thru design fits me well. All my shortlisted options were either mixte or true step-thru frames. The frame is well-bulit, clean...
  5. antboy

    Zygg bike rentals in Toronto using GM ARIV bikes

    A new subscription e-bike service starting in Toronto... apparently they started out in January, but I saw an article about them yesterday. They're not hop-on/hop-off like scooter rentals, but a subscription service so you treat it like "your" bike, and they...
  6. antboy

    "Sons of Angioplasty" or "Seniors on Bikes" - which one is for you?

    I had a couple of hours to kill today after running errands (on the e-bike, natch), and was inspired by @BrianK 's idea of an e-bike gang. Since someone else mentioned the S.O.B.s (don't know who started it), I figured to have some Friday Photoshop Fun (it used to be a thing). Pick a side.
  7. antboy

    Down to two... ish.

    Back in the spring, I was doing some window shopping and asked here for advice. Some of my criteria changed, and I've also narrowed down my choices, so would love go get some feedback. 2020 Gazelle Medeo T10 (Bosch Performance Line Gen 3 and Purion display so no app connect)...
  8. antboy

    Looking for a dedicated mid-drive for distance

    My current e-bike, which I'm keeping, is the Spark Mini, the 20" fat folding Mule, which I still love for grocery getting and in-town and tooling around. I'm looking for a second e-bike that will be more of a distance rider, as I want to do some approx 100km day trips that would include...
  9. antboy

    Fat Tires, wheel diameter, and speed differential - an observation and suggestion.

    I get more used to my e-bike, I'm also getting more geeky, and made a bit of an observation... I've got a 20x4" fat tire bike (the Spark Mini), and over time I've noticed that trip travels didn't quite match up to either calculations on Google maps, or using Strava, and the on-bike trip counter...
  10. antboy

    Swapping Bafang display.

    Is it possible to replace a Bafang C965 display with any of their other displays? If so, is it as simple as just swapping out and plugging in? I've had my Spark Mini 20" fat tire bike for about 2 months now, and I'm really loving it, but I'm considering their compact SW102 just to free up...
  11. antboy

    Waterproofing electrical components

    I've done some searching here, and looking at videos, but have a couple of questions about making my Spark Mini more water/snow resistant. I'm not planning on doing heavy riding in such conditions, but the Mini is perfect for doing grocery runs, as the winter walk is about 25-30 minutes, but...
  12. antboy

    Spark Bikes crank arm notice

    Just got the above email. Worth double checking. I had an issue with the left crank on one of my two Spark Minis. While the other bike was fine, I had a local shop do all the crank arms, since I brought the one in to check that there wasn't an issue with the bottom bracket. They cleaned up the...
  13. antboy

    New e-biker in Toronto

    Hey all, Finally signed up for the forum, after using it for a TON of research on what to get, more robust locking solutions etc etc. Pulled the trigger on the Spark Mini fat tire folder after seeing the review here, and so far I'm loving it. I've only got about 30km on it, but it's a blast...