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  1. Asunder

    Mid Drive with a 3 speed IGH

    I have a mid-drive and am thinking of getting a strumey archer 3 speed internally geared hub. I will probably have my local bike shop build the wheel. Does anyone have a 3 speed IGH with a mid-drive? What are your experiences, ie. can you still get up 20% grade steep hills? Do you notice that...
  2. Asunder

    Seat set up idea... looking for feedback

    Hello everyone, I am riding a hardtail Giant Sedona with a Bafang 750. Have been riding it for about 3 months now as a daily driver. It has been great, but thinking of making some improvements on the seat and seat post. Looking to put a Thudbuster ST and a Brooks B17 saddle on it. I ride upright...