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  1. kmccune


    Will deliver this almost brand new XC 100 Eahora( white) has 4 miles on it, will throw in fenders and rack for $600( need to make room for my new folder) Will deliver within 100 miles.-SOLD
  2. kmccune


    have a brand new XC100 for sale( 4 miles) $700 USD ,OBO, come get it, will meet 1/2 way. Nothing wrong with it, regen works great, apparently the "great Hill" is too steep, have ordered new bike that will climb this hill on PA. Rather disappointing, on slight inclines feels really good, this...
  3. kmccune

    36-48 volt with LCD3

    CanI use a 52 volt battery on a 36-48 Hallomotor kit, will it work?
  4. kmccune

    OK Community.

    Hello Community, my cash flow problems aside-is there any old used bike frame that is affordable worthy of being converted to nice "my spec" bike? And I realize there is a possibility that I could probably buy an "entry level" bike for not much more"quid" . The time I asked before didn't seem...
  5. kmccune


    Has anybody bought anything from Risunmotor that has not been delivered , the website said order was fulfilled and UPS has the shipping label that was created on 10/25/2020- anyone else experiencing difficulty?
  6. kmccune

    Something cheaper?

    Is there any reason a regular fractional HP drive belt system for a bicycle could not be fabricated?, the cost of some components are next to appalling and if something is say 95% as good for half the price, has anything like this been tried? I am sure there would be slippage problems using...
  7. kmccune

    American Electric

    How can the "American Electric Veller", have a 36 volt battery if it only has 7 cells of around 3.6 volts apiece?
  8. kmccune

    Geezer build, hello excellent Theophilus

    Can anyone steer me to a good cheap new MTB to make a less bone jarring rough ride reader out of with eboost of course? Howabout a rear freewheel or cassette with at least 8 spds with 11-32 range? My "Hell week" and breakaway days are long over( big orange is killing Me and I couldn't get rid of...
  9. kmccune

    Rear brake up grade

    My "Maxfoot" 26" FTB has mechanical front and rear 180 mm brakes, generally works good except when I was riding some very rough mtn roads( steep) the back brake has a tendency to get extremely hot,I am satisfied with the front brake.My question is can I put a 203mm rotor and cable pull...
  10. kmccune

    Display upgrades

    I am in the process of obtaining two 500watt 36 volt ecotrics due their cost and fairly low weight I would like to upgrade the LED display and perhaps have a little better control of the Hub motor, since I do not know the construction of their hub motors is regen a possibility?( I want it mainly...