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  1. linklemming

    Brose/Satiator charging adapter

    Just noticed this adapter to allow charging Brose Batteries with a Cycle Satiator
  2. linklemming

    My new Custom GMAC build

    Just starting a thread for my latest ebike project. Its going to be a 52V, Grin Technologies build using a GMAC 10T motor, CA3 and PhaseRunner with a 52V Panasonic Battery I got from luna about 1.5 years ago. My ebikes so far: 2018 Bulls Evo 27.5+ Brose Motor Hardtail eMTB - Love the bike...
  3. linklemming

    Bottom bracket height of RipCurrent

    Could someone with a RipCurrent measure the distance from the center of the bottom bracket to the ground. I currently have a CCX but want a similar bike with wider tires but not as wide as the ripcurrent (I have ridden one and didnt like the 26x4.0 tires). Im considering selling the CCX and...
  4. linklemming

    New Specialized Levo SL

    Not sure Im a fan of this new design(i would prefer more power and range) but thought it might be good to post this info:
  5. linklemming

    Bulls Evo 3 Hardtail 27.5+ Battery Issue (Story of EXCELLENT warranty and LBS support)

    My first ebike was a Bulls Evo 3 27.5+ hardtail. I bought it for the big 650wh battery (one of the biggest at the time) and the Brose Motor. Purchased the bike in September 2018 from an LBS which specialized in ebikes. So far around 4k miles, had some fork leaking issues iniitally which was...
  6. linklemming

    iZip Moda E3 First Ride Report & Updates

    Despite already having 2 ebikes (Bulls eMTB 27.5+ hardtail & Juiced CCX), the local ebike shop (LeBS) recently started carrying the iZip line and had a step-thru that I test rode. Prior to buying my CCX on christmas eve, I was considering a 2017 Raleigh Redux IE which was heavily discounted...
  7. linklemming

    Yet another CCX owner

    Another soon to be CCX owner, ordered it as a christmas present for myself. I work from home so dont really need it for commuting (I agree its really well setup for this). Im basically going to turn it into a gravel bike. I have never really understood the whole gravel bike thing as I think a...
  8. linklemming

    Cool MTB Video with Ebikes!

    I used to be a huge fan of Hans and Missy back in the 90s, still ride/own my 94 zaskar(converted to ebike) I didnt realize they were ebikes until about halfway thru
  9. linklemming

    Whats that clunking, check your battery

    My Bulls Evo 3 27.5+ hardtail developed a sound which at first I thought was a loose headset and then possibly a damaged fork, thought I would share this story to help others. I first noticed a defined 'clunk' sound when lifting the front tire to clear a curb. I first noticed this after...
  10. linklemming

    CCX Smaller Chainring Options

    Im considering getting a CCX. Much of my use will have quite alot of hills. Im currently doing these with a Bulls Evo 3 27.5+ with a 28/38 crankset and 11-42 cassette. Since the bulls is a MTB and used mostly for MTB stuff, the gears seem perfect. The CCX would be for more road oriented...