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  1. rich c

    Sharing eBike batteries can hurt you post! Not me (Unpleasant picture)

    This was posted on reddit ebike forum today. His comments' "Sloppy. I was doing some headlights and very stupidly wanted to test out before terminating properly. Held a bare wire to terminal...." and "Was a total arc very bright. I was hooking up headlights and had a bare wire touch the...
  2. rich c

    EAV Quadcycle

    They don't use the words quad cycle, but heavy reference to eBike parts. Love the ideas here.
  3. rich c

    5,000 mile milestone

    We've had some really nice riding weather in Central IL, so met my goal easily before the end of the year. 2016 Haibike Trekking. It's funny, I disliked that cheap spring front fork almost from the day I bought it. I still ride it though, LOL. It's been a wonderful eBike. I replaced the chain at...
  4. rich c

    Think your bike lock will work?

    You might want to read this.
  5. rich c

    Any numbers on extended battery life with not full charging?

    It's commonly considered the perfect battery pack treatment to not charge to 100%. How much extra life do we get with the 80% charge? Every charge I've done on my Bosch packs is till the charger shuts off. Two packs are on model two 2016 Haibikes, so assume the packs were made in late 2015. 5...
  6. rich c

    Now I've seen everything, and inflatable scooter!)

    A scooter designed to fit in a backpack. Hope it comes with a patch kit!
  7. rich c

    My bored random eBike thought of the day

    Just how many people in America do you think need help choosing an eBike in any one day? Got to be thousands! How many have it narrowed down to two? Same number? Thinking I could start a consulting business and make the decision for them. Just ask my wife of 48 years. I like making decisions...
  8. rich c

    Pekin, IL regualtion proposal

    A small town south of Peoria, IL. Looks like I will be going to a meeting Monday night. Screen shot taken from a local news channel, not much detail except about the money.
  9. rich c

    And I thought mulberries and choke cherries were rough on the rail trail.

    And even worse than squirrels! I had to stop and kick the hedge apples off the rail trail today. These things were as big as softballs! Wanted to get some miles in today and tomorrow, snow storm and polar vortex comes to Peoria on Monday.
  10. rich c

    How about adding a psychology heading?

    With all the worry about eBike hatred, bias against other cyclists, and polls about just who we are and what age we are, I think it would be easier if all that discussion was put under one heading. Maybe a sub heading under off topic. But mainly in a separate heading so it could be easily...
  11. rich c

    3,000 mile brake pad inspection

    After reading all the posts about 1,000 mile or less brake pad changes, I was certainly shocked today. Took the pads off my 2016 Haibike XDURO Touring S RX. I turned over 3,000 miles this week and was surprised to see over 1.7mm of pad material left on the Magura 7.4 pads. Just shows I do more...
  12. rich c

    Lyft eBike battery fires

    Lyft eBike battery fires
  13. rich c

    eBike selection

    Here’s a picture for all those that don’t have much of a selection of eBikes at there LBS. I was at the customer appreciation party today in Madison. And I couldn’t get all the eBikes in the pic. There were some behind me!
  14. rich c

    Ruffian update

    I posted when I bought a Ruffian eBike, made by Ruff Germany, in January. I had a few issues with it, mostly minor. Front end took a fare amount of tweaking, headlight had an intermittent error, and a lot of the fasteners were not checked for torque by the dealer. I then developed an odd noise...
  15. rich c

    Any shops or manufacturers offer a leasing program?

    A couple of my eBikes are 2015 and 2016 model years. Starting to see an issue with one of the 2016s. Having the thought that with the incredible drop of value with an eBike, and possible reliability issues, is there anyone offering a lease program? Make the monthly payments, then pick up a brand...
  16. rich c

    Ruffian owners package

    Received my owners package today. T-shirt, shoulder bag, cap, and a hand written thank-you post card. A very nice touch.
  17. rich c

    How many with mid drives have broken a chain?

    Just read another member with mid drive chain breakage concerns. How many have actually broken a chain and had to walk home? I have two Bosch mid drives, 2,300+miles on one, 2,200+miles on a second. I'm ready to replace the original chains, but no breakage.
  18. rich c

    Let's be careful out there!

    Still shaken from watching our 38 year old son writhing in pain on the bike path today. He's resting at home with a possibly broken rib and minor road rash. The hospital clinic would not completely verify the rib situation without a radiology report. We were riding the North Branch Trail in...
  19. rich c

    My avatar photo

    I was hoping someone would ask about my new avatar photo, but alas no one. That picture is me in September 1960 near my 8th birthday, on my hand-me-down Schwinn Panther. Skip tooth chainring. I looked up the serial number, but forgot the year. They stopped using the skip tooth in 1954, so very...
  20. rich c

    Could there be a way to list where we live?

    The forum has world-wide participants. We get a mix of kph and mph and questions about obscure European cycles. We also get questions about battery life and the poster may not include their location where heat or cold could really make a difference. Would it be helpful to have location...