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  1. CodyDog

    Future of E-MTB - discussion with product managers of top companies

    My LBS had both a Turbo Levo SL Comp and Turbo Levo Comp in stock when I made my purchase. I test rode both. Both are sweet bikes. I went with the Levo Comp which was approximately 10 lbs. heavier (49 lbs. total). The Levo Comp offered the 2.1 Brose S motor versus the 1.1 Brose S (SL model) and...
  2. CodyDog

    increase speed on rad runner, with rad rhino control screen

    When I got my Rad Rover a couple years ago there was an adjustment that could be made on the current screen to increase the speed. It work for me. You might want to do a search on the forum to retrieve that information.
  3. CodyDog

    Just purchased my first factory ebike

    One of my ebikes is a Rad. It's beeb problem free. Enjoy the ride!
  4. CodyDog

    Hello EB Riders

    Welcome to the forum. Happy holidays!
  5. CodyDog

    Hello from northern Ca.

    Fat bikes are a lot of fun! Congrats on your purchase.
  6. CodyDog

    Juiced CrossCurrent X

    Welcome to the forum. Enjoy your ride!
  7. CodyDog

    Townie go7d hello

    Welcome to the forum.
  8. CodyDog

    New e-bike owner from Austin

    Nice bike! Welcome to the forum. You'll soon be happy you have the 29'ers.
  9. CodyDog

    Please help me chose a ebike Fat rearHub on trail snow or mid drive?

    I have two mid drives (road and mountain bike) and a hub drive (fat tire). If I were going to do the fat bike again, I would have gotten it fitted with a mid drive. Mid drives are better for trail and torque.
  10. CodyDog

    Hi from Grass Valley Ca.!

    Welcome to the forum. Fat bikes are fun!
  11. CodyDog

    Switched to an e-bike. It took me too long to smarten up.

    My solution to the old leg swing issue was to buy a bike with a dropper post. Thank God for bike technology!
  12. CodyDog

    New e-bike owner from Austin

    Welcome to the forum. I often ride in the Hill Country. Lots a great places to ride.
  13. CodyDog


    Welcome. Rode in the mid 60's in Fredericksburg today. Great weather!
  14. CodyDog

    Riding my Levo Comp

    A fun day on the my Levo Comp. One of the local rides in the Hill Country (Texas). A 14 mile fun single track.
  15. CodyDog

    Hello, new member of the EBR forum.

    Welcome to the forum.
  16. CodyDog

    Wallke E-Bikes

    This is unfortunate but common with "Affordable Consumer Direct" ebikes. There are many companies that offer these cheaper bikes that are not set up to offer support to the consumers. With ebikes you get what you pay for. Yes, bikes from an LBS are typically higher in price but they are...
  17. CodyDog

    Anyone up for a ride with this guy?

    Impressive video.
  18. CodyDog

    Talk me in or talk me out of this bike .

    If your goal is to buy an entry level and upgrade, save up and buy a bike that doesn't need upgrades. This is an entry level which may be very difficult to obtain support when needed.
  19. CodyDog


    Welcome to the forum.
  20. CodyDog

    Hello everyone.

    That looks like a fun bike!