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  1. Dallant

    Who is transporting their ebikes standing up inside a truck bed under topper?

    Who is transporting their ebikes standing up inside a truck bed under topper? I want to protect the ebikes from weather and from thieves! I don’t want to remove tires. What truck/topper combination and what kind of rack are you using? Pictures?
  2. Dallant

    Who you for in the NFL playoffs this weekend?

    OK, time to make your prediction!
  3. Dallant

    Who needs batteries for power!

    Been loving this guy’s method for training/exercising his sled dogs with his fat tire bike on “Life Below Zero: Next Generation”!
  4. Dallant

    Is it just me or is nobody complaining about their Trek/Bosch ebikes?

    I see new complaints/issues about every day in the General Discussion or specific Brand threads. What I don’t see is anyone complaining about their Trek ebikes or the Bosch motors they use. Is it that Trek/Bosch owners don’t have problems or that they take their problems to their local Trek...
  5. Dallant

    What are your cold weather ebike limits?

    What are your cold weather ebike limits? I realize some ride all winter but for those who don’t, what are the temperature/condition limits that signal you are done for the season? At my age, it appears to be the lower 40F temps with 15+ mph headwinds. I have gloves, long underware, rain gear...
  6. Dallant

    What? No ebike Black Friday sales for the Big Four?

    I’m hurt!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 How many years before serious sales happen again for Trek, Specialized, Giant and whoever #4?
  7. Dallant

    Bosch has a new system update?

    UPDATE ON (what appears to be) THE NEWEST BOSCH UPDATE... Just had a diagnostic done for my records and while in there my Trek guy noticed there is yet another update to the system, version I hadn’t heard of it and I didn’t have it done as i was in a hurry but he gave me a screen grab...
  8. Dallant

    Anyone doing any electrical conversions like to a car or a lawn tractor?

    I bought a JD lawn tractor sans the gas motor a few years back for spare parts and have pondered an electric conversion. I’ve also thought about a Miata conversion. Anyone doing anything like this?
  9. Dallant

    Allant +7 spare chain

    With all this talk about chain vs belt, I’ve pondered getting a spare just in case. I know the Trek site says it’s a KMC E9S, 9 speed. Any Allant+7 owners gotten one yet? Where, what size did you go with, cost?
  10. Dallant

    Trek Allant+7 Lowstep thoughts/review...

    Picked up our new Allant+7 Lowstep small frame ebike late this afternoon. Didn’t get much chance to ride it tonight but a few observations... Small frame is significantly smaller feeling while looking/riding than my Allant+7 normal medium frame. My wife wants a more upright siting position so...
  11. Dallant

    Finally had a great reason to use the Walk function of my Allant+7.

    Must admit I’ve thought the Walk button on the Bosch Purion of my Allant+7 would never be needed. I was wrong. I rented a cottage in Wisconsin recently that sat high above the street with no driveway up to the house. Wanting to keep the bike locked up on the deck at night, I did ride the bike...
  12. Dallant

    Allant+7 touchup paint.

    I’ve had a few chips in my Allant+7 paint and, FWIW, found an OK solution that is cheap and available. It’s actually nail lacquer from Essie that I found at the local Walmart. It’s “In Plane View” color #728. It’s a bit light but I add a bit of black to it to darken it down.
  13. Dallant

    Attempted my first very short single track on my Allant+7.

    Took a shot at a beginners 1.8 mile single track trail in Wisconsin this week. Very tight, very windy, lots of minor roots and rocks. Only used Tour mode and rarely shifted. Only took one real dive and was going slow enough that neither body or bike was nicked. Got my foot in between a small...
  14. Dallant

    Have you ever actually weighed your ebike as you normally ride it? How and what did it weigh?

    Have you ever actually weighed your ebike as you normally ride it? How did you weigh it and what did it weigh? No, I haven’t yet done this myself and am wondering how best to do it.
  15. Dallant

    I see lots of discussion of range but what about headwind/tailwind?

    I see lots of discussion of range factors but what about headwind/tailwind? As a windsurfer in the PNW back in the 80s, lots of folks had anemometers to measure wind speed to determine which size sail to use. Anyone factoring wind speed into their calculations? I know we’ve had lots of wind...
  16. Dallant

    Any Allant riders have a Burley? What adapter did you use?

    Any Allant riders have a Burley? What adapter did you use? We‘re borrowing a relatively new Burley for grandkids and don’t know what adapter it takes.
  17. Dallant

    Here is my official spare battery carrier!

    Since I’m getting a spare Bosch Powertube battery for some planned longer touring next year, I set to some brainstorming. I didn’t want to buy a huge pannier and I didn’t want a big spend as I probably won’t use it a ton. I also wanted something that had a dual purpose. I was looking for...
  18. Dallant

    How are you cleaning your Allant RIB battery compartment?

    How are you cleaning you Allant RIB battery compartment? My trips includes crossing numerous gravel roads and lots of very dusty/sandy areas. Add to that I’m transporting on my car rack with the battery removed. The internal area of the compartment Is quite dirty/dusty. So what is your regimen...
  19. Dallant

    Are you waiting on a new ebike delivery? How long were you told it would take?

    I recently ordered a new Trek Allant+7 Lowstep and was told it would be a month. I’m just curious if you’ve recently received or are waiting to receive a new ebike and how long you’ve been waiting. Given the Corona complications, I’m concerned that deliveries will take longer than promised. I’m...
  20. Dallant

    FYI - Bosch PowerTube 500 battery tear down

    Bosch PowerTube 500 battery tear down on YouTube...funny and some swearing but quite educational. Sorry if this has been posted here before.