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  1. CodyDog

    Riding my Levo Comp

    A fun day on the my Levo Comp. One of the local rides in the Hill Country (Texas). A 14 mile fun single track.
  2. CodyDog

    Harley Ebikes

  3. CodyDog

    New Specialized Levo Comp

    Decided to purchased another ebike specifically for mountain biking. Looked and test rode several different EMTB's and chose the Specialized Levo Comp. Very happy with how this bike handles on the trail. One of the things I really like about Specialized is the Mission Control App which allows...
  4. CodyDog

    Screw and thread size for front Rad Rover rack?

    Anyone know what size screws to install front Rad Rover rack. I know somewhere it has been mentioned but cant seem to locate the old posts. Thought it was M5's not sure. It requires 4 of them. Thanks.
  5. CodyDog

    Anyone mount a front rack other than the racks provided from Rad?

    I purchased a front rack from Rad last year but care for the rack or it's looks, prefer to find one that I can use front panniers. Looking for other options that would fit the Rad Rover. Anyone using a non-OEM rack?
  6. CodyDog

    Question regarding your speedometers

    How does your speedometer react to change in speed? Here's why I'm asking the questiion. Recently my speedometer (Rad Rover) changed in the way it reacts. Up to the other day, the speedo would change immediately with the change of speed, both up and down. Now it takes seconds to adjust...
  7. CodyDog

    First issue with my Rad Rover-more power and speedo issues

    I will contact Rad customer service but in the mean while maybe someone has an opinion or a fix for my issue. Symptoms: 1) Speedo is incorrect. Shows over 7mph when barely moving 2) When up to high speed then perform a stop, speedo remains at high numbers and slowly goes to zero...
  8. CodyDog

    Question on cycling GPS systems

    I looking for an affordable GPS that I can track my rides and down load to my laptop. Any suggestions? what should I expect to pay? Are they easy to use?
  9. CodyDog

    Front fork and tire modification on 2018 Rad Rover- Feasible mod for other ebikes with heavy front spring suspension fork

    I changed out the Rad OEM suspension fork to a Surly Ice Cream Truck rigid fork and the Kendra Juggernauts to Origin8 Supercell tires. Smoother ride. Shaved off 5 lbs on the front end. The Surly rigid fork is 5 lbs lighter than the OEM suspension fork. Much easier steering at both low and high...
  10. CodyDog

    New Hollywood Ebike Hitch Rack

    I just installed my Hollywood Ebike Hitch Rack. I ordered through Rad Power Bikes accessory web page. Cost was $439.99. Easy to put together and install. They give you the option of standard tire or fat tire size. Mine is one fat bike and one standard size wheel holder. It folds up while not in...
  11. CodyDog

    My Supercells and Surly Rigid Fork are in

    My LBS is installing a new Surly rigid fork and Supercells on Monday. The majority of my riding is on pavement so I'm looking forward to a smoother ride. The forks are approximately 3 pounds lighter than the current Rad fork. Can't wait to see how the Rad handles.
  12. CodyDog

    We are now a two ebike family

    My wife decided on the Specialized Como 3.0 after having testing riding several bikes. I am very impressed with the torque sensing mid drive and somehow she is passing me on the steep hills! The bike is well built and offers a very smooth ride. Just got our Hollywood two ebike rack in today so...
  13. CodyDog

    Anyone using a rear camera?

    If so, what are your thoughts. I'm looking at the FLY6 that is very discounted at my LBS.
  14. CodyDog

    Fenders for Rad Rover

    FYI, this was a response from customer service. Dylan Butterfass (Rad Power Bikes) Jul 31, 4:55 PM PDT Hey Mike, We are looking at late fall at the earliest currently. Sorry for the inconvenience! Regards, Dylan Butterfass Customer Experience Specialist
  15. CodyDog

    Looking to replace my Rad Rover suspension fork with a rigid fork.

    I'm wanting to replace my front suspension fork with a rigid fork. Any advise? Thanks,
  16. CodyDog

    Anyone using the Origin8 Supercell fat tires

    Found these tires yesterday. I'm looking for a smoother ride than what my Kenda Juggernaut offer. I like the tread, looks good for pavement and light gravel...
  17. CodyDog

    Minor issue with rear rack install and quick fix

    While attempting to install my new rear rack on my Rad Rover I noticed that the machined threads on the tabs were smaller/tighter than normal which caused me to strip the hex head screw that was provide. I went down to Home Depot and purchased a two pack of #10-32 x 3/4 in fine thread socket...
  18. CodyDog

    Rad Rover acceleration question

    How fast can you accelerate to 20mph using the throttle only on your Rover? I know weight is a factor as well as on an incline and head wind. I'm looking for somewhat of a baseline. I was expecting a little faster acceleration on my new Rover.
  19. CodyDog

    Anyone riding on a Brooks saddle?

    My research seems to show me that the B67 model is for upright and the B17 model for more forward position. What would you consider the Rad Rover position to be? To me it seems to fall in the middle. Any comment's would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  20. CodyDog

    Looking for comments on Evelo Electric bikes

    I'm looking for a second e-bike for my wife. Anyone with any experience with the Evelo bikes? The model I'm favoring is the Delta X. Thanks, Mike