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    24H error

    Any body with a 700 XR series have this issue. Started only after owning bike for a little over 2 months. One day while Riding I get a loud whining noise coming from hub and get a 24h error code on display, so i turn off power and noise went away, ended up riding bike back home just...
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    Noise coming from crank

    Update on issue. Was finally able to get back out on the bike after cleaning and applying park tool anti seize grease to crank arm bb tappers and threads on pedals and this quieted everything down. Thanks again, for all the reply's to this question.
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    Noise coming from crank

    Thanks guys for your reply's, will try a little grease on the BB square taper and some lube on pedal threads? Anybody know what brand crankset is?
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    Noise coming from crank

    I only have about 55 miles on bike and am getting a clicking flexing noise coming from the crank? At first I thought it was the pedals so I bought a set of crank bros flats and some 5 ten shoes both are awesome. This didn't fix issue so I retorqued crank arms to 28ftlb per ride1up recommendation...