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    How to reset the odometer back to 0.

    My brother in law has a Vado 3 and has reached 10,000 miles but he can't figure out how to reset the odometer back to zero. Specialized told him to take the battery out of the display and replace it but it still reads 9999. His bike has a TCD-W display.
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    Mission Control ON all the time.

    Is it possible to prevent my Android phone from sleeping when Mission Control is opened? The only way I can achieve it at the moment is to change my screen sleep time from 5 mins to never, then change it back after my ride. I've tried a couple of apps which are supposed to achieve this but no...
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    Handelbar phone mount.

    I'm looking to buy a handlebar mount for my phone, its a Huawei Mate 9 on my 2020 Vado 3. The one I'm contemplating is the Quad Lock but it relies on a sticky pad on the back of my phone case to provide a secure attatchment, which I'm not 100% happy about. Any recommendations would be greatly...
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    Squeak from motor area Vado 3.0

    My bike has developed a squeak which sounds as though it's coming from the motor/bottom bracket area. It sounds like rubber rubbing against something, similar to the sole of your shoe rubbing against a crank arm. The strange thing is, it doesn't happen in time with either the crank or wheels...
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    Best battery charging practice.

    We are told that our batteries are best stored fully charged, so I charge mine after each ride, no matter how long the ride. We are also told our batteries have a certain amount of charge cycles before they start degrading. Am I reducing the life span of my battery by just "topping it up"?
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    Vado 3.0 freehub.

    I was cleaning the cassette on my Vado 3.0 (13 months old and 700 miles) and I noticed about 2mm play in the cassette. I removed the cassette to find the play was in the freehub and it felt as though the bearings were knackered. I couldn't see any way of dismantling the freehub so I took it to...