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  1. Cory151

    Solar Charger For ST2
  2. Cory151

    Solar Charger Build

    Decided to test my hand at building an off the grid solar setup to charge a pair of Stromers, a Juiced Rider and a Stealth Bomber. **** Once I put a watt meter on the Bomber's charger and found it draws about 580-600 watts I knew I needed to have a decently capable solar system. Found some...
  3. Cory151

    Best Noise Free Pads For ST2 Stromer

    Looking for a new set of pads, what are owners liking?
  4. Cory151

    Burley Travoy

    Quick little review on the Burley Travoy, overall I like it. It turns into a great little shopping cart when going into stores and saves a ton of space when stored in corners plus you never even know its back there when it is empty. My only issue is the bag thats comes with it is thin and tends...
  5. Cory151

    Annoying Rear Squeak Fix

    After putting considerable mileage on my Bomber over the last few weeks I noticed a squeak developed and got worse as I road. The noise happened only during compression of the rear spring. The noise wasn't crazy loud but the fact that the bike is so silent makes any little noise noticeable...
  6. Cory151

    Recharging the Stealth Bomber

    Greetings, I have a bit of a newb question. After riding my (new to me) bomber around a bit I was wondering how I can tell it's time to recharge the battery? I'm assuming it is a parameter on the cycle analyst? Voltage? If so what values dictate state of charger. Thanks
  7. Cory151

    ST 2 Bike Trailer??

    Bought a bike trailer online and just got around to assembling it since the urge to go pickup some bigger stuff emerged. Long story short there is no way to hook this onto the ST2 in its current state. What are people using for trailers on the Stromers?
  8. Cory151

    Stromer ST2 Firmware Update

    Riding to work this morning I noticed there was a message on the Omni screen asking if I wanted to update? I went ahead and did it, and it said do not removed the battery or attempt to turn off. It then fired back up flashed a drive error I hit ok and it cleared itself. Having not riden the...
  9. Cory151

    ST2 Handle bar adjustmets

    Anybody raised the bars up on there ST2 (or even swapped bars) to get a slightly more up right riding position?
  10. Cory151

    Any Suprisingly Good Bikes Out of China?

    Anybody have any experince with some of these Chinese/Indian bikes that turned out to be suprisingly well built? I gather its not gonna be anything like my Stromer, but for a country that embraces e-bikes there must be viable options, right? Just considering an affordable companion bike when and...
  11. Cory151

    Highest Mileage Stromer

    I was wondering who has the most miles (or Kilometers) Check in with your odometer reading. -Mileage? -Original Motor/ST1, ST2, Sport? -How is the bike used? (commuter, errands, pleasure etc).
  12. Cory151

    Stromer ST1 vs. ST2

    Hey guys new to the forum just wanted to check in after spending the last 4 days with an ST-1 and purchasing the ST-2, today. Both are great bikes and one will not get you there any faster than the other, so why did I get the ST2? I had already bought and paid for an ST1, but we never...