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  1. Fotokot

    Large Battery 'vs' Small Battery

    I have a feeling our local Canadain bike-dealers sell the very same *cheap* cells for lot of $$$ ? Minimal price of $800-1200; actually. Unfortunately I can not proof that by purchasing one and pry it open for you :-)
  2. Fotokot

    do you ever check your Inbox for Conversations ?

    do you ever check your Inbox for Conversations ?
  3. Fotokot

    Value Conversion Batteries finally decided to buy the 20 ah @36v for 318.21USD on eBay item # 182004438502 free shipping included. May be (+ some) custom...
  4. Fotokot

    Value Conversion Batteries

    The charger shuts OFF after some 4 hrs (turns Red to Green), but after 12 hrs live connection, the battery output is still = 41.0 vols/ Not 43 :-( One day I will pry open the old BATT to try to rebuild it experience. Considtring a NEWer 15-20 AH @36 V. To keep my bike running. The...
  5. Fotokot

    Value Conversion Batteries

    (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) bougt a second hand (like new) 350w (36v/10ah) bike for 400USD from the Pawnshop. I have a feeling the old battery is half-dead, due to aging..... It drives about 10km distance @Full (max) assist level. My question - how to verify the %% Health Level of the...