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    Turbo S updated to 5.14

    I had my bike updated with the newest software 5.14 from 5.0. It supposedly makes the battery charge to 100% instead of the usual 98%. It seems to work. It also takes care of the issue of the odometer resetting to zero. Of course the first time I charged the battery after the update the odometer...
  2. J

    Regenative mode

    My 2016 Turbo S refuses, most of the time, to go into regenative mode. It works maybe 1 out of 10 tries where I can feel the drag on the bike going downhill. Most of the time the bike just freewheels like it was off or in power mode. If I pedal, I can feel that it's really hard to pedal but as...
  3. J

    Trick your charger to get to 100%

    I have found that when my charger (finned one) usually shuts off and upon restart of my 2016 Turbo S, it shows 98%. So while my bike is still on, I plug my charger back on. The bike will start charging. As soon as it begins charging, I turn off the bike. Within a few seconds, the bike will start...