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    Trunk rack recommendations for ebike

    Charges me 100 bucks
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    Trunk rack recommendations for ebike

    I recently purchased 2 ebikes from local shop. The owner sold me a new Allen rack. Have out both bike on it and it's seems to be working fine.
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    Known Issues & Problems with Raleigh Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    Sorry to hear about your battery. Did you ever get it fixed? I purchased retroglide 2.0 last week. Didn't come with rack or fenders. Reached out to Raleigh and was told they don't stock them an I should look on Amazon.
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    Wheres all the 2019/2020 retroglide buyers?

    Just purchased one this afternoon. It is my first ebike. As a newbie I was kind of overwhelmed. Took it for a spin, enjoyed the ride so I got it.
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    Raleigh Redux IE 2018- my review

    I am in My infancy of looking for electric bike. However this bike has caught my eye. Going to a local bike shop today to hopefully test drive one. Thanks for your review
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    Bike Shops in Boston Area

    Hello to all, Wife and I are looking to purchase an electric bike each. I would like to like to buy from a shop that has an array of bikes in the 2500-range (hopefully different manufacturers). Living in Greater Boston area was hoping for recommendations. Thanks in advance