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    Rear ended with bike rack

    Last week I got rear ended by a person driving a pickup truck following me way to closely. Luckily, there were no injuries as I was one car in a four car collision. The bike rack was empty at the time, folded up and tucked up in the storage position. Seeing as this rack, a 1up EquipD, took a big...
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    Test ride on a ST5

    Well, I now know the gold standard of factory built ebikes, and that's the ST5. I was able to participate in an ebike festival/demo day called Super Bicycle hosted by The New Wheel ebike store. They're a great SF Bay Area ebike store that has two locations, one in San Francisco and the other in...
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    Clattering sound on Bosch Performance Speed

    I'm nearing 5000 miles on my Haibike Trekking S with Bosch Performance Speed motor. I recently changed the chain with the exact stock Shimano replacement. This is the 3rd chain for this motor. The drivetrain is a 10-speed Shimano Deore XT. After changing the chain I've noticed that the front...
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    HF1000 after 3k miles - thoughts and opinions

    It started out as a Juiced Bike HF1000 that I received in December of 2017. As of this post it has almost 3000 miles and has been going strong ever since getting rid of the stock controller. Overall, I tried to make this the ultimate commuter bike, even though JB markets the HF1000 as a high...
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    Bosch Powerpack 400

    I have a brand new Bosch Powerpack 400 for sale. I received this battery as a warranty replacement for my Haibike’s original battery that failed. This battery has virtually zero cycles on it. I recently bought a lightly used 500wh pack and this one is up for sale. I tested the pack myself and...
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    Owner insights on waterproof performance and reliability

    Hello members of EBR. I wanted to get some insights of real Juiced Bike owners on how well the various models perform in wet and rainy conditions. Living in the SF Bay Area, we do get our fair share of rainy weather and having a reliable ebike is the key to making a regular work commute...
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    Getting drafted by other bikers

    Hi all, what's everyone's take on getting drafted by other bikers, non-ebike and regular bike? I started the ebike commute in January of this year and now have clocked in almost 3500 miles. During my regular afternoon commute you usually end up seeing the same people. On my route I cross over...
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    Fat bike fenders?

    Has anyone seen a good set of full coverage fat bike fenders that aren’t over $150 after shipping?