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  1. MarcD

    Love the New Review Format

    Court - Great job on the new review format. I love the collapsed specification sections and the new 10 point scale with a brief narrative explaining the score decision. Kudos.
  2. MarcD

    Neo Race on a Bike Tour

    Just got back from my bike tour mentioned in this thread: It was 8 days in the Michigan UP. It was a lot of fun and I ment a gentleman named Roger who completed the tour on a Neo Race. He...
  3. MarcD

    2015 Haibike XDuro Race (not Superrace)

    I was just on CurrieTech's site and lo-and-behold, the Haibike XDURO Race. A drop bar e-bike (finally!). The specs look to be great - Ultegra 6800 mech. Some of the specs seem off - I doubt the rims are 26" Fatbike, and the crank is listed as The Hive, which is generally a mountain crank...
  4. MarcD

    Handlebar Mods

    I was not happy with the width of the bars on the 2013 Turbo S. Way too wide for me. The 2014 specs say 580mm, but my bars were 680mm on the 2013. I ended up buying a Ritchey Pro Rizer, and trimmed 10mm from each side with a pipe cutter, making the total width 650-ish Plus they have 35mm of...
  5. MarcD

    New Specialized Turbo Models

    Are now posted on the US web site. Looks like two new models, the Turbo and the Turbo X. Similar to the Turbo S but with following changes I can see: - SRAM X7 drivetrain vs. X0 - Magua Formula C1 vs R1 brakes - 460 wh battery vs. 506 wh - Motor is actually listed now: G45c X12 vs. ASBC X12...
  6. MarcD

    Scouting For Group Rides

    One of the things I have been using the Specialized Turbo for has been scouting possible group ride options for my coworkers and myself on our road bikes. Allows me to be a little more adventurous and not worry about getting stuck in too challenging routes and climbs. I can also scout two...
  7. MarcD

    Cincinnati Local News on New Pedego Shop

    More mainstream coverage, and a decently produced segment:
  8. MarcD

    Electric Bike Carrier Racks

    Looks like Thule is releasing a new e-bike specific rack. Load limit is 122lbs, with a corresponding rice tag: MSRP is $699.
  9. MarcD

    Turbo Brake Squeal

    Brake squeal is really bad on my Specialized Turbo. Anyone else encounter this? I guess I could switch to organic pads, but pretty sure I will wear those much faster with the weight and speed of this bike.
  10. MarcD

    New Trek e-Bike?

    Saw this on the Trek site today. Looks like a small 250wh battery. No detail on the motor. Not what I would describe as a big splash, but wondered if anyone had heard anything else. Colors Light Anthracite Frame Alpha Silver Aluminum Front suspension SR Suntour CR-8V, 50mm travel Sizes...
  11. MarcD

    Thru Axle and Lubrication

    I can't find any mention in the Specialized Turbo documentation on care of the thru axle. Is it supposed to be greased regularly? After removal and replacement of the wheel? Anyone ever had a bike with a thru axle before?
  12. MarcD

    IZIP E3 Peak

    After a lot of research and riding, I finally made my decision today and ordered an E3 Peak. With cincinnati's hilly terrain and my *ahem* stature! I went mid drive. I can't express enough how impressed I was with Larry Pizzi's responsiveness and help. It really makes a difference when...
  13. MarcD

    Izip Dash vs. Stromer ST1

    Has anyone ridden both? I have ridden the Stromer for about 10 miles but nobody in my area has a Dash. Can anyone describe the feel / differences? Thanks!