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    Frey's new 2021 model

    Typical high end electric mountain bikes have batteries with 700w capacity or less. Im looking for more than that. Typical EMTB motors are also limited to 250w. I'm looking for S-pedelec, class 3 motors with more power. Im so looking for premium quality components and frames at a reasonable...
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    I need an EMTB Tire that lasts longer!

    I've purchased three....THREE!! rear tires for my EMTB in the past 18 months! I've been using Nobby Nics 27"x2.8". That just seems like excessive wear. I ride 3x per week; about 25 miles each ride. Im mainly on poor quality backroads and fire roads. I really don't care about maximum grip...
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    Whats the best mid drive motor bigger than 250w?

    If I'm standing up out of the seat and hammering away at the pedals, the Brose a routinely gives me peaks 500-600w of assist. But when I want to take it easy, stay seated and not break a sweat....maybe because I'm in work clothes on my way to the office, I only get about 100-150w of constant...
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    Whats the best mid drive motor bigger than 250w?

    I love my Brose S mid drive motor on my electric mountain bike, but when I want to power up a 15 degree hill in a business suit without getting sweaty, those 250 watts just aren't enough, even with full assist. 250 seems arbitrary and I'm wondering if there's a high end substitute with more...
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    BH Easymotion Atom X Pro RC

    I disagree. I bought from the cheapest online vendor I could find, and all was as described. One of the local shops selling BH went out of business and the other here in SoCal stopped carrying BH because BH left Orange County and apparently got difficult to work with. I saved $1200 over...
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    Known Issues & Problems with Brose Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    I've got a one year old BH Atom X with a Brose S motor and about 2,000 miles on it. Doing a steep hill climb on maximum assist and I heard a screeching sound and the pedals locked up. I turned off the motor and was able to pedal back home, but anytime the controller was on, the motor...
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    Lightweight Roadrash Protection

    On my analog bike, speeds over 15mph were usually reserved for downhill sections of road. With a speed pedelec, average speed for an entire ride thru commute traffic can exceed 20mph. I've become aware of my vulnerability traveling constantly at higher speeds. While I dont find it necessary...
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    Help! Bell Helmet Clip Popped Off?!?!

    I just started on a ride when I noticed something small and rubber drop to the ground. I realized it was the bracket that holds the two sides (front and back of ear) of the helmet head strap together. A moment later, the right side clip popped off as well and the helmet fell off my head! I...
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    Trek Verve Plus Past 20 MPH Possible ??

    Yes, you can buy a BadassBox for around $125. Clip it over the sensor and you're good to go. Major drawback is that above 10mph, your display will read half the actual speed.
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    Know Your Average Stopping Distance?

    The LBS guy pointed out my 180mm disc brakes. He showed me the blackening of the brakes. He also spun the wheel and let me hear the slight sound it made at the point the disc was hitting the caliper. He said that was the excess weight of my bike causing warping of the disc under heavy...
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    Know Your Average Stopping Distance?

    The LBS guy was telling me about how road bikes go from 15 to 0 in under 10 feet and that on my ebike, my average speed was much faster and my average stopping distance was triple that. Interested to see how right he is.
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    Know Your Average Stopping Distance?

    I was at my LBS getting my cassette replaced. Said LBS does not sell ebikes and is somewhat against them. The mechanic was mainly hating on the additional weight of ebikes. He told me about how it will cause quicker wear of brakes pads and discs as well as tires. Then he went into safety...
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    Trunkable/folding, long distance (60 mile?) Ebike thats light (sub 50lbs) with throttle??

    Thanks for the advice. A paratrooper conversion would be awesome, but it's not something I'd be able to fit on a bus or in a co-worker's car on the 10-12 rainy days we get per year here in SoCal. Honestly, I'm considering an escooter - the Emove Cruiser. 1,352 kWh battery! 50+ mile real...
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    Trunkable/folding, long distance (60 mile?) Ebike thats light (sub 50lbs) with throttle??

    I've already got a mid drive ebike, a BH Atom X. The point was my aching legs (even with max assist) wanting a break mid week. Dont get me wrong, I can and have been riding daily for the past 7 months, but it's starting to feel relentless and I'm longing for a day off. When you long NOT to be...
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    Trunkable/folding, long distance (60 mile?) Ebike thats light (sub 50lbs) with throttle??

    Thanks for the suggestions! I'm not sure any of these would get 200lb me through 20 hilly miles. My BH with a 700w battery has only about 15-20% battery remaining after doing it, and that's with pedal assist. If I wanted to give my legs a break and go all throttle, I'm doubtful I could make it.
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    Trunkable/folding, long distance (60 mile?) Ebike thats light (sub 50lbs) with throttle??

    I earlier posted a thread considering getting an escooter. I do a 20 mile round trip commute that's relatively hilly. I now use a mid drive emtb, and even with max assist, the hills are working my 50-something leg muscles. I find myself fattigued and not looking forward to commuting after...
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    Anybody know about escooters?

    Wow, Batman has an escooter!
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    Review: 1.5 kW FREY CC full suspension electric commuter bike

    I hope they find vendors here in the states for us to test ride them! Wonder what the drawbacks will be?
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    Is anyone trying to solve charging on the road?

    Out of curiosity, what type of distances do you ride, and what size battery do you have? Have you considered a bike with a larger battery capacity? What about modifying the assist level to increase range? I usually ride about 30 miles, which my 700w battery can handle on reduced assist...
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    Worth waiting for the 2020 Bosch motors?

    Sage advice. Honestly, decide if the old Bosche meets your riding needs. If it does, then do your pocketbook a favor and take the deal. That being said, when I was buying a bike a year ago, I liked the Brose motors because of how quiet they are. There were great deals on the older Brose T...