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    Bike trails in niagara falls area?

    Planning a trip to the US side of niagara falls in a couple weeks (believe the border to canada is still closed). Never been out there before. Is it worth bringing the eBike along? Are there any good bike trails in the area? While we are on the subject, what are the must do tourist activities...
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    How does the Abus 540 U Lock mount to the bike?

    Hi, I am looking at buying the Abus 540 U Lock and was wondering how the mounting shackle affixed to the bike. Does your bike need a straight section of round tube for the mounting adapter? I have a BH Rebel Lynx Full Suspension bike, and was not sure if I would need a pannier to carry the U Lock.
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    How are you guys lifting your ebikes over your truck tailgate pad?

    Was going to pick up the new raceface t2 tailgate pad for my truck, but first I tried to lift up the bike over the closed tailgate. Wow, thats heavy! Thr bike is 50 pounds, and I just can't lift it up that high. How are you guys lifting that heavy bike over the tailgate to transport on a...
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    Shopping for a no-frills bike bag to bring eBike up to hotel room

    Good evening, I have a BH Rebel Lynx, size Medium frame. I am shopping for a bike bag that I could use to bring my eBike into a hotel that does not normally allow bikes to be brought inside. Think Bed and Breakfasts that would be horrified at the thought of a muddy eBike ruining the new...
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    Favorite rides in Southeast Pennsylvania?

    Hi all, I've ridden the D&L canal trail from Bristol to Mountain Top, the schukyill river trail, the perkiomen trail, and the Bucks County parks trails to death. Wondering what some other great rides there are in the Southeastern PA area, that I could make in a day trip from lower Bucks...
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    Acadia Park

    Hello, Are the carriage roads at acadia park currently open? I know the website says closed for Covid, but I have anecdotally read that the trails may be accessible. I have a long weekend next weekend (May 9), and would take the long drive up to Maine if the carriage road trails are freely...
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    How tightly should I screw down the top cap?

    Changing out my stem and watching videos, most people say only to turn the allen key until you meet resistance, then maybe give in an extra 1/8 of a turn at the most. I did this, and don't feel any play in the headset (though this is my first time). My bike came assembled, and when I first...
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    Looking for a trunk bag for spare yamaha battery

    I am looking for a trunk bag for a spare yamaha battery. This will go on top of an old man mountain rack. I have combed these forums, and could only find a single post where somebody recommended the Arkel bag. However, this just velcros onto the rack. I would ideally like something that...
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    Why are Brooks Saddles known for comfort?

    I have read many posts on this forum saying that Brooks Saddles are the most comfortable out there, and for the life of me I cannot figure out why. They feel hard as a rock. What am I missing?
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    Yamaha battery not reaching expected range?

    I have a new bike with a Yamaha PW-X Motor and 500wH Yamaha battery. On today's ride, I began with 92% charge. The expected range, on the high power setting, was 51 miles at the start of my trip. I rode a total of 28 actual miles, and ended my day with 10% charge remaining. Therefore, I got...
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    Options for carrying spare battery?

    My primary bike is a BH Rebel Lynx full suspension. As a result of the recent clearinghouse on BH bikes (thanks @FlatSix911 ), I now have a spare battery to bring around with me. I am thinking what the best option is to carry it around, and come here for advice. Obviously carrying the battery...
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    Using a leaf blower to dry bike

    Hi all, I watched a video about cleaning your eBike, and a big comment was that you should always dry it before bringing it inside, or any water from your garden hose left on the motor areas will lead to rust. I was thinking about getting this portable, affordable leaf blower from home depot to...
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    Question about Abus 540 U-Lock

    For the Abus 540 U-Lock, it looks like there are two mounting bracket options: The Easy KF, and the USH. I can't find much info on these brackets. Does anybody have one and care to share how it mounts to your frame?
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    Question about Torque Wrenches

    Torque Wrenches specifically made for bikes tend to be pricey. Is there anything wrong with getting one of these wrenches from Home Depot for general purpose use on a non-carbon bike? I'm not familiar with these tools, might be missing something. Thank you...
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    Do those Fork-Mounted bike racks damage the fork-ends?

    Hey gang - I'm looking at getting a product like the Kuat Dirtbag for my thru axle eMTB (not a carbon fork), because in my experience the fork mounted products hold the bike much more securely than the racks that go over the wheels...
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    Touring with the pannier weight on a front or rear rack?

    Hi, I was wondering if it is better to put your touring panniers on a front or rear rack? With my extra battery, water, food, clothes, lock, camera, tools, I estimate around 35 pounds of weight. I was going to put that weight in pannier bags, and was wondering if that is better to go on a...
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    Help selecting comfort handlebars for eMTB - BH Rebel Lynx PWX

    Hello, I would like to purchase new handlebars for my BH Rebel Lynx 5.5 PW-X to give me a comfortable, upright riding position. I am mostly just riding around rail-trails and taking in the scenery. I do some light trails, but I am not riding any singletrack on this $5k bike. After a few hours...