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    "Magnetic" documentary on Netflix

    "Magnetic" is an amazing documentary on Netflix about extreeme sports and locals. Short segment about alpine ebiking on Trek mtg bikes.
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    Math quiz; Who is right?

    Who is right? 230 - 220 ÷ 2 = I say it is 120 A math PhD says it is 5!
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    Ebikes green?

    Ebikes are touted as environmentally friendly, since commuting, errands, etc. Without a car reduces carbon emissions and alleviates urban congestion. As a recreational rider, perhaps not so green compared to walking, riding an analogue bike slower or alternative forms of exercise. Ebiking...
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    Brooks saddles sale on Amazon In the $70+ range
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    Friends and Family Sale (liquidation?)

    FRIENDSFAMILY2019 or FRIENDSFAMILY2019-S code, Cortland or Porteur $1,9996, S models $1,399.
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    750 Watts

    I understand that wattage rating is a measure of continuous output. Since 750 Watts is generally the road limit in the US, I would much rather have a bike equipped with a motor branded at 750 Watts with continuous measured at Death Valley conditions than one branded at 1000 or 1250 Watts. As...
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    GenZe at Costco

    Costco has via internet order Genze bikes for $1,299 . Ends 4/22/18. These look like the e100 series ($1499 list), however specs say 350 hub motor like the 200 series ($1,899 list). If this checks out, Costco is a great place to buy because of its strong return/warranty program.
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    Potential breakthrough in Lithium-Sulfer batteries
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    Doctor's letter

    Has anyone requested or procured a note from his or her MD that an ebike is needed because of physical limitations and is recommended for exercise and balance maintenance issues. Potential uses are carrying a copy for trail cops and taking a medical deduction for the ebike much like a stairs...
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    Evelo Onmi Wheel

    Evelo is developing or has developed a powered front wheel, battery and controller for existing bikes. See short article in Forbes which states top speed will be 20 km PH...
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    Cyclotron hubless ebike

    Saw internet link to Cyclotron "Tron" ebike. Looks futuristic and cool.
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    Riding skills needed?

    Have started riding as a senior with ebikes after long time not riding. What skills are usefull or needed to ride on roads and bike lanes? I saw a recent Court video in which he discusses bunny hopping curbs. Should I try to learn this or merely lifting the front wheel; what a good way to learn...