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  1. subzero

    Anyone else excited about the Sondors Fold?

    Just out of curiosity, who else here is interested and/or excited about the Sondors Fold fat tire ebike? There is also another variation called the "Fold X" that is a bit more expensive but it's an upgraded version of the "Fold".
  2. subzero

    ridescoozy Anyone bought anything from these guys? I'm primarily interested in the VeeGo. Was wanting some feedback, if any.
  3. subzero

    VeeGo Fat Tire Folding Electric Bicycle

    Has anyone had any experience with this bike? It looks very comparable to a Radmini and a Voltbike Mariner. I like the different color schemes and low-step frame.
  4. subzero

    This bike looks strikingly like the Voltbike Mariner and it's cheaper

    Has anyone heard of this bike? I can't seem to find reviews anywhere. What I like about it: -much cheaper than the Mariner -fat tire bike (just like the...
  5. subzero

    Questions regarding ordering voltbike with multiple credit cards

    I tried to call volt bikes phone number and unfortunately their voicemail inbox is full and I was not able to leave a message. But, I was wondering if I could purchase a volt bike with different credit cards for example let's say I wanted to buy the volt bike Mariner can I split the purchase...
  6. subzero

    Has anyone ever ordered from these guys? They offer front wheel drive electric bikes, and, if you also pedal, the bike becomes an all wheel drive ebike. According to their site: "This is the ultimate E-bike and the only one of its kind, as you know most E-bikes are either rear wheel drive or...
  7. subzero

    What is the significance of the watts?

    Hi, sorry for the newbie question. I'm deciding between Radmini and the Voltbike Mariner. The mariner has 500W while the Radmini has 750W. What benefit does having higher watts (W) give me? I plan on mostly riding for recreational purposes. I need a folding bike because my car is tiny. I...
  8. subzero

    Vilano NEUTRON Electric Folding Fat Bike, 20-Inch Wheels

    I've been looking at foldable fat tire ebikes, and, this came up on Amazon. BUT, it has no reviews!? Anyone who has bought this bike, care to share any thoughts? The price is quite nice, but, I'm sure that Vilano made some compromises somewhere. FYI: I'm new to ebikes and only have been...