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    Latest New Espin Sport/Flow update (1/14/2021)

    Update on Sport/Flow The container that was lost and found has arrived at our warehouse and will be unloaded and processed over the weekend. We will begin the shipping process the middle of next week We have already called ahead to Fedex to send several large trucks to pick up hundreds of...
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    Espin update on the Sport and Flow Models

    Just received a minute ago: An update on your Sport or Flow We wanted to give you an update on your order of either a Sport or Flow bike. We had originally expected to receive the containers at the end of November. But since then, our freight forwarder has informed us...
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    Bafang Ultra RH crank arm - Resolved

    Guys, new issue starting on my fairly new Ultra powered Rize RX Pro at 150 miles or so. The RH crank arm is making noise, and when checked, the attaching bolt will be loose. When tightened, it will start making noise again within just a few miles. I've marked the bolt to see if it was unscrewing...
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    Bafang Ultra (and BBSxx) Tuning

    Guys, I'm pretty sure the Bafang Ultra programming is the same as it comes from the factory, no matter what bike it's installed in. As a (very curious) new owner myself, I'm finding that good/very relevant info is being spread from one end of EBR to the other in each of the brand forums that are...
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    Ultra programming

    As a recent purchaser of an Bafang Ultra powered RX Pro, I've wandered into the controller programing after riding 50-60 miles. I thought the OEM/as shipped programing was a little too aggressive for me and my riding style. I won't bore you with all the details, much of which is available...
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    Bigger Tires for a Rad City?

    Considering something larger than stock. If you've been down this road, how big were you able to go? What brand? Will 26x2.8's fit? Edit: I'm looking for a hybrid/street tire, but interested in anything 26x2.3 and larger. If you've run a mountain bike tire would like to here about that too.
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    Do you/would you prefer the throttle on the right side?

    Quick note- I was wondering about this after ordering a new RX Pro. Today, while setting up the new bike, I found it pretty easy to swap the bell and the throttle. Positioned between the brake and shifter, it takes some careful positioning of all 3 (brake, throttle, shifter) but it can be done...
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    Biktrix 3rd tier support response....

    Thought I'd share a response I received this evening to a question regarding available "tuning" from Biktrix on a new Juggernaut 1000 Ultra Hard Tail that I'm considering - "The stock programming from Bafang is the best way to go for most cases - they have developed the programming to work well...
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    Bafang Ultra Cadence based PAS?

    Older rider here, riding for recreation only, and pretty sure I prefer cadence based PAS over torque. Not looking to debate that. What I'd really like to know is if the Ultra is able to be set up for cadence based pedal assist.
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    RadWagon 4....

    Looks like they FINALLY got their act together with this revision. Along with other changes, they FINALLY decided maybe the direct drive rear hub wasn't really the better system for this bike, and have gone with a gear diven rear hub. Congratulations. This bike now makes some sense.
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    2020 Rad Line Up
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    It happenned to me, the dreaded Slime "disaster"

    Went for a ride the other day, and while I didn't use a pressure gauge to check the tires, I did give them the "pinch test" to make sure we were good to go (hard as a rock, check!). About a mile down the road (paved sub streets), with no previous warning, the bike started handling wierd...
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    '18 Rad City, (now rev. III), A MAC 12t update/Mini Review

    So most of the regulars here have read my mentions about having done a major update to a nearly new 6 week old bike that I wasn't getting along with. This included the replacement of just about all of the electrical/electronics (using a similar KT based controller and LCD3 display to the one now...
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    SOLD!! 2018 Rad City display, controller, motor w/26" wheel, brake handles, etc.

    Everything but the battery removed from a new bike after less than a month of use for a complete re-power. Includes harnesses. Looking for anything close to a reasonable offer on entire package.
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    2018 Rad City Conversion to KT LCD3 and Controller w/1500w DD Hub and 11 Tooth Freewheel

    Well, it's done. Maiden voyage was taken, and now just tweaks here and there, tidying cables and wire harnesses, getting rid of minor squeaks and rattles. About 10 hours of time for the conversion, working at a retired old man's pace. As you can imagine, a night and day difference noted between...