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  1. rezonatefreq

    E-bikes in Denali National Park

    Thought some might be interested in e-biking in Denali National Park in Alaska. The National Park Service issued the e-bike directive at the end of August 2019 allowing ebikes in Denali National Park on the roads. With 92 miles of road it would be quite an adventure to do the entire Denali park...
  2. rezonatefreq

    Hello from Alaska

    Just joined this group today. Pretty new to electric bikes less than a year but am hooked. own, well the wife own a Radrunner. We had recent adventure on ebikes in Denali Park in Alaska. 7 ebikes, 8 people including 1 toddler, 4 dogs, 3 days, 100 miles, 4000 ft increase in elevation. Was a...