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  1. Thom473

    UNPIN the known problems post

    How do you get that first post unpinned? It is annoying and inappropriate since it IMPLIES that there are numerous known problems, yadda yadda.
  2. Thom473

    Mini Deraileur

    My deraileur misses gears going down from 7 to 1. Granted, I've had this same thing happen on other bikes and adjustment is usually finicky but do'able. It doesn't bother me a lot since I'm usually in 7 and downshift a bunch of gears at once when I hit a hill. But thought I would mention to...
  3. Thom473

    Radmini mods that I've done...

    Pretty much, the radmini is just what I needed out of the box. But, I did discard the useless tool kit that comes with it and replaced it with "Fix-it-Sticks". I needed a rear view mirror. Only need one for the left side since I stay to the right. So I got one at Amazon that I mounted under...
  4. Thom473

    New Reflexes...

    OK, been riding around town now that rain is temporarily abated. Radmini is handling everything I throw at it doing well on hills and in the flat. Went 10 miles today (I know, not a lot but I'm still learning--used up 2 bars on the battery in the ride). The only trouble I had was in close...
  5. Thom473

    Radmini pannier

    Well, the bikase pannier doesn't fit; hooks are too small to go over the rear rack tubes. SO, I'm looking for a grocery pannier. Anyone with a radmini want to share what works for them? I did get a nice grocery/backpack bag...
  6. Thom473

    Radmini motor specs

    I've been unable to find information about our motor on the Radmini--or the controller for that matter. Maybe someone else has had better's the info listed on the outside of the motor BAFANG BF RMC06 48v 750W(9) 20-1605050642-1 What I'm interested in knowing: How many amps are the...
  7. Thom473

    Radmini rearview mirror?

    Any radmini owners have a rearview mirror? Where did you mount it and are you satisfied with it?
  8. Thom473

    PAS on hills

    In email exchanges with Radbike during assembly and initial riding and in reading the owners manual, we are instructed to climb hills in low gear (OK, that's how you climb hills in a normal pedal bike)...but we are told to keep the PAS level low so human power predominates in the ascent. That...
  9. Thom473

    Hot Rodded Rad

    Has anyone replaced their controller/battery to hot rod their Radbike?
  10. Thom473

    Groceries and bike security

    OK, my plan is to ride my radmini to the local grocery to pick up some stuff. I bought a bike lock to keep the bike from "wandering off" after folding it-although it isn't long enough to lock it to something else, so I probably have to get a long cable to do that (more stuff to carry). BUT, I...