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  1. Luto

    Kiox upgrade Version UI improvements and maybe more?

    Hi All, Dandelion Bikes in Seattle upgraded the firmware on my Kiox. The layout screens are now customizable. You can choose what you want on the screen and even change the layout format and information positions. There are more screens It turns onto the last screen used instead of the...
  2. Luto

    Replacement Cranks for Bosch Gen 3 Performance Line Motor?

    HI All, Has anyone found replacements? I cannot find many manufactures. Thanks in Advance
  3. Luto

    What did you buy for your new bike this weekend (Black Friday...)

    I got new RaceFace crank arms to lower my Q factor (pedal width) from 185 to 175. On sale for 71.00 usd shipped and new high visibility gloves. :) Aeffect e-bike Crankarms – Safety Yellow Lightweight Silicone Palm Full Finger Cycling Glove (
  4. Luto

    What I thought I wanted to reality....

    Hi All, I don't know if this will help all those choosing an ebike because it is such a personal choice. But I thought I would share the progression for me and my wife: Start here: A car replacement, great utility We can do all our local trips by bike. Quick runs to the store or errands...
  5. Luto

    Got a new book.... All-Road Bike revolution.

    Hi All, With winter closing in on the northern hemisphere, I got some reading material. The All-Road Bike Revolution | Rene Herse Cycles It is well written and an easy read for beginners and advanced riders. Although not e-bike specific, it does answer a lot of the critical questions being...
  6. Luto

    Assist OFF going downhill or flat roads, how much of a savings?

    Hi All, So lately, I have been using the assist (eco) only to warm up at the start (up a gravel road) and at the end to cool down. However this question came up. Assume you are on flat ground or going slightly down hill. How much battery juice would you, should you, be using, as opposed to...
  7. Luto

    How fast are people riding?

    Hi All, I was just wondering how fast people are riding and if they have ever fallen off. Do they feel they are riding within their abilities? I know a lot of people have class 3 but wonder how many are going full speed assist. Me: between 17-20 with down hill topping out at 25-28. I...
  8. Luto

    I have the Dimanche 29.3 and 29.5 and love them

    Although this brand of bikes are not that popular, I thought I would let other know. They ride really well. I used to tour, on a road bike with a short fork rake, a lot. When I tried various e-bikes, I found them not to be very well handling. I found the R&M ones really terrible for me, more...
  9. Luto

    Using a bike without the battery

    Hi Court, I have an e-bike (moustache Dimanche 29.5) and I have two question about the motors: 1) Can one use the bike, say on a trainer and turn off the assist and not damage anything? 2) The Bosche motor has some resistance when assist is off. Are there any mid-drive bikes that have none...