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  1. alloo

    Priority Bikes ebikes

    Hi Court, Do you plan on reviewing the Priority Embark and Current ebikes. Both bikes look like great commuters. Thank You.
  2. alloo


    The bikes are pricey, but 80 NM of Torque! Incline detection! What do you think?
  3. alloo

    Yamaha Mid Drive Motors

    How come nobody is talking about these drive systems?
  4. alloo

    Piaggio Ebikes

    Court, I found this website while looking at scooters. I was wondering whether or not you plan on testing their ebikes. Looks and seems more feature rich then ebikes currently offered in the US. Thank You.
  5. alloo

    Garelli Ebikes

    Found this italian ebike/moped company. What do you think? What is your opinion of their products? I'm curious why we don't have these ebikes or scooters here? I think that they have a great history of products that I have used in the past.
  6. alloo

    Ebike Recommendation

    Are they're any ebikes that I can use single charge that run for 100 miles. I want a recommendation for an ebike that cost less than $2000, can be a class 2 or Class 3. Using medium assist level pedaling. Mid Drive or Rear Hub Drive is fine.
  7. alloo

    Direct to Consumer Bicycle Service Alternatives to LBS

    I've always believed in the efficiency of business. I think Direct to Consumer bike sales are the future. Most bicycle manufacturers are doing it. One of the issues with buying bicycles Direct to Consumer model is that some bicycle shops won't work on bicycles brands that they don't carry. This...
  8. alloo

    Sonders announced mid drive ebikes

    Saw this on the web yesterday. I don't think Sonders could build this bike with cheap components. What are your thoughts?
  9. alloo

    Juiced Scorpion and HyperScorpion

    Court, I'd like to see these two ebikes reviewed. I'm thinking about purchasing one as my commuter bike. Smooth ride. Thank You.
  10. alloo

    CSC Motorcycles Ebike

    Hi Court, Do you intend to do a review of CSC Motorcycles Ebikes?
  11. alloo

    E-bike long term strategy

    Court, Love your advocacy for ebikes. Thank You. I want your opinion of ebike market and the long term viability of commuting on an ebike. As you know a recent study from Deilotte stated that ebikes are going to be exploding as far as a hybrid vehicle. The industry is split between Direct to...
  12. alloo

    Ebike Tiers

    What are the tiers of ebikes price wise. Low end, mid range, top end. What is the price range for each of these tiers? Can you recommend a hub and mid drive bike for a commuter. Thank You.
  13. alloo

    Battery Slipping

    I own a 2017 Raleigh Retroglide IE, after a few bumpy miles my battery slips back a little and the bike loses power. I end up pushing the battery forward and repeat the cycle. Anyone have any tips on how to fix this issue? The bumps can be sidewalk seams or bad roads. Any tips are helpful. Thank...
  14. alloo

    Winter Ebiking

    What is the temperature where you will not use your ebike because the temperature is too low or will damage your battery? I charge my battery indoor, but I keep my bicycle outside because I don't or can't hall my ebike upstairs three stories daily. I commute with my ebike 3-4 times a week. My...
  15. alloo

    E Bikes for Heavy People

    I want to purchase an ebike for commuting. I live in Denver and have about a 13 mile commute one way. I weigh 250lbs and am 5'8". Does any ebike manufacture make ebikes for big guys. I texted blix and the CSR told me the bikes are made for riders 220 lbs and less, but the bike can carry up to...
  16. alloo

    Trek Verve+ vs. Yamaha Cross Connect vs Specialized Turbo Vado 2.0

    My commute is 11 miles one way and I'm thinking about purchasing an ebike. Originally, I wanted a beach cruiser, but they're too heavy for me to haul up to the third floor on a daily basis. Also, If I wanted to use the bus or rail, RTD has a weight limit of 55lbs for bikes. I've narrowed my...