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  1. robk47

    Rattan Challenger and Compass

    Torn between the Compass and the Challenger by Rattan. Wondering if anyone has experience with either or both bikes and what they feel the pros and cons are of these two mountain bikes. I question if the 350 watt motor on Challenger will have enough oomph to be decent on hills? Right now the...
  2. robk47

    Ride Scoozy Veego Semi Fat

    Thinking of getting a Veego Semi-Fat, the one with the 400 (500??) watt motor and the 3" tires, but I am also looking at the Rattan LF 48v/13ah 500W LF500 Fat tire. Anyone venture to compare these two and offer an opinion? The prices are about the same at this point with the sales. Thanks!
  3. robk47

    Which one would be best for me?

    I want the folding portability with the fat tires.
  4. robk47

    Which one would be best for me?

    I am betwixt and between over getting either the Lectric XP or the Sondor Fold X. I am 73 and up until Covid was playing ice hockey three days a week and since March 12 that has stopped. I have a 20 year old Specialized Rockhopper and I want to go electric and have some FUN, which isn’t easy in...