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  1. jaizon

    Battery winter care

    I know how to get my battery to 50% charge and I know enough to bring it indoors for the cold weather, which are quickly approaching where I live. How do I care for the battery over the winter? What do I need to do for those months so I don't kill it. Just leave it alone for almost 6 months...
  2. jaizon

    How do I know if my battery...

    How do I know if my battery is discharged to 50% capacity. The graph on my display on my bike is wildly inaccurate. Thanks.
  3. jaizon

    Is there a way to measure...

    Is there a way to measure the amount of resistance you are comfortable pedaling with. I know that sounds awkward, but, for example, you might be comfortable at 7 lbs of resistance but not at 10. Thanks.
  4. jaizon

    Hey Evolo admin

    how about someone update the Facebook requests for group entry. Thanks!
  5. jaizon

    The very last decision - Dost Drop or Biktrix Stunner X

    I have spent months whittling down my choices and have come to the Dost Drop and the Biktrix Stunner X. Researching numerous bikes has kept me Covid busy. I have read user feedback on numerous brands. In the end, I gave up on torque sensing, which I did want, but the pricing ended up nixing...
  6. jaizon

    Can you name e-bikes which have this configuration? Or almost.

    Can you name e-bikes which have the following? 1) 750 W (nominal) mid-drive w/ 90 Nm minimum or Bosch 250 w or similar 2) Front suspension 3) 2.4 inch wide tires (or greater) 4) Step-through frame 5) Throttle 6) Torque sensing 7) 26 inch tires That should do me. I can make some concessions...
  7. jaizon

    Happy 4th everyone!!!! (in the U.S.)

    Happy 4th everyone. Have fun. Celebrate. Be safe. Wear a mask and social distance!
  8. jaizon

    Anyone ever hear of Z Star mechanical disc brakes.

    Anyone ever hear of Z Star mechanical disc brakes? I need to replace the pads but can't find any info on them anywhere. Thanks.
  9. jaizon

    How do you request that a thread be closed?

    How do you request that a thread be closed?
  10. jaizon

    Does it make sense to change...

    Does it make sense to change the saddle on a new Turbo Como 5 Low Step to something that will be better for my sore bum. And what would that be? Thanks.
  11. jaizon

    Which Turbo Como?

    95% leisure country roads, small hills for the most part, but one huge hill leading up to my house which is not paved. I weigh 300 lbs and I am not in great shape at 73, and would prefer not to have to walk the bike up that hill. Do I need the 1.3, which will cost me a lot more money or can I...
  12. jaizon

    Dapu Mid Drive Motors - are they really sub-par?

    What is your experience? Please tell us.
  13. jaizon

    Hello, Evelo. Please respond. The Evelo Aurora Limited has been at the top of my next bike to buy list for months now. Then I saw this article, which has caused me some serious concern. Can you please address these issues? Thank you.
  14. jaizon

    Hey Evelo! What the heck? The Aurora Limited has been at the top of my "next bike" list for some time. Then I came across this and it caused me great concern. Can someone from the company please address this unnerving article.
  15. jaizon

    An idea for bike companies

    Most every e-bike you sell comes with a charger. But many of us already own chargers (from other bikes or bought separately). So we end up with a second charger we might not need. Why not offer an option to decline that new charger and deduct the amount you charge for it from the price. This...
  16. jaizon

    Ultra Eagle

    Any chance of getting some info on this bike??? Or is it just a myth? 🤔
  17. jaizon

    A little help...please

    (Link Removed - Attachment No Longer Exists)
  18. jaizon

    If I'm outrunning my gears...

    So I ride my e-trike every day. I live in a moderately area so many ups and downs on my circuit. I have noticed a couple of things and need some advice about how to fix/correct them. 1) when I'm going downhill I very quickly outrun the gearing, even at the highest level, i.e., I can't peddle...
  19. jaizon

    Recommendation for e-bike carrier

    I'm looking for a carrier for one e-bike (Evelo Aurora Limited) that will work with my 2019 Subaru Ascent. I have tried for years but just cannot get my wife to ride. :( Any help is greatly appreciated (with either problem, ;))
  20. jaizon

    Once more into the attempt to understand (not judge) throttle vs. mid-drive torque sensing -

    I do not want to start a throttle/no throttle war. I just want to understand how torque sensing works in the following example. I am stopped at the bottom of a steep hill with my torque sensing mid drive. I push on the pedal. What happens? Thanks you for bearing with me on this.