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  1. Luto

    First ebike: Getting off my Hipster High Horse

    $500 off the Rush makes it a much better deal with the Sora to Tiagra group set upgrade. WRT to Class 1, was riding around today with Eco Mode Bosch (Class 1). Got up to 17-18 in a few strokes, then just cruised, felt like 16-18 is plenty fast for cruising. Since Rush has a 2X and 11-34...
  2. Luto

    Upgrading my Dual Battery 2018 Delite Mountain, drive train and suspension

    NICE! I see you changed forks, Performance to Factory 34. Any thoughts on the "e-bike" rating being needed in the original Performance model? Is it really any different in float or suspension? Chain looks cool with the Kashima coatings! BTW: I got a 11-46 Sunrace cassette (CSMS2). At...
  3. Luto

    Click when left pedal pressed down on Trek/Bosch

    Does is happen back pedaling? Perhaps you could remove the pedal and crank on that side and turn the other side and see if it is the motor turning or it is the pedal or crank. I had a problem of a click intermittent and it was the pedal.
  4. Luto

    SuperDelite 2020 Rohloff HS Issues & Support

    Hi Webcurl, I of course do not want to bash R&M bikes. But I can point out a few things wrt to the question. I rode the Delite, Super Delite, Charger and Super Charger. In general the comment was about things like Integrated brake lights with the levers that light up before brakes are...
  5. Luto

    SuperDelite 2020 Rohloff HS Issues & Support

    Yes, Dimanche 29.5 and 29.3. Both ride excellent with Shimano GRX 800 and 400 derailleurs. Easy to fix and maintain. The only think I do not mess with is the actual Bosch motor. Interestingly, the Gazelle is the bike the dealer sells along with R+M, Moustache. The dealer says Gazelle is...
  6. Luto

    SuperDelite 2020 Rohloff HS Issues & Support

    HI AK, No Worries, I too was at first taken by RM bikes and figured that at such as high price, relatively speaking, and being German source, it would have been a solid like a BMW or Mercedes. But once I rode several, my impression was "over engineered" and "over built". When I saw those two...
  7. Luto

    $2,500 for a Lightweight, Class 3 eBike With Manual Gear Shifting: Am I Dreaming?

    Weight is first issue. Decide if you want front suspension since it represents about 6-9 pounds, or 50+ pounds. Quality of parts is the next. Perhaps search by weight, there are less bikes under 45#s. Then go from there. Dreaming? maybe. Many choices? No. But you only need one bike...
  8. Luto

    Brake Pad Wear

    1500 miles on the sinter (no metal) type. They were Shimano. The replacements were "improved" with 40% more pad. So I think it will be more like 2500 miles now. There is a difference between metallic and no metal. I wonder if the pads were rubbing without being "on" braking.
  9. Luto

    Police - questioning the power rating of your E-bike? or Ticketing you?

    Good thing you did not have any weed on you. Out here in WA, in the NP, they are checking people for even paraphernalia and fining them.
  10. Luto

    If You Needed Proof That Riding Is Good For The Soul

    Those look like "dumbo velvateen" fancy rats. My daughter raised rats. They all knew their names and would come when called. Very smart animals!
  11. Luto

    First ebike: Getting off my Hipster High Horse

    One thing a friend mentioned to me the other day. "It is hard to go on an outing with the Family with some on e-bikes and some not. It is just so unequal you are not really together as much." Of course they are in Seattle with many hills.
  12. Luto

    First ebike: Getting off my Hipster High Horse

    A lot depends on how much you will use it. Sounds like a utility bike. So I would not over think, or spend on it. Just get something that works and will not cause a maintenance headache. With the extra money you can add cool bags, baskets, seats etc. It looks pretty hip. The higher end...
  13. Luto

    rail trails across USA

    I once made it a mission to try all the fried chicken at the mini marts in WA. The later in the day, the better, since all the grease drips out!
  14. Luto

    Choosing efficient clothing for your bike tour

    Monsoon rain comes down, bounces up, blows sideways, all in multiple side drops. Hard not to get soaked. Almost better to go in swimwear and a shell.
  15. Luto

    Almost ready to pull the trigger on an ebike

    85 Nm is a lot of power. Even loaded up with gear, you would be able to glide up hills in max assist, hardly pedaling.
  16. Luto

    A couple of hard truths today...

    Order the Medium, wait for it to come, and sell the LARGE (if you can float it). Too old to have your last few bikes be WRONG. Smaller frames are easier to handle and more nimble, all things being equal, more fun. Tomorrow will be a better day :)
  17. Luto

    Bosch Crank Arms

    No. Gen2 and 4 are ISSI Gen 3 is mini ISSI or BNI (Bosch Narrow interface).
  18. Luto

    Coyote encounters

    And we got this one in Seattle Cougar spotted at Discovery Park – My Ballard Last time this happened the Fish & Game camped out for 3 nights and on the 3rd at about 3 AM, during a big storm, he saw it, then tranquilized the beast and they sent it to Eastern WA.
  19. Luto

    Pedaling with no power

    I ride my Moustache Dimanche gravel ride (40 pound) most of the time without power. I use about 5% for 15 miles. This should allow me to go 80 miles in and 80 miles out on a single charge. Consider though, some bikes carry around a lot of extra weight and drag, because they are e-bikes. I...
  20. Luto

    Replacing stolen Como - what now?

    I know, Your closest dealer is Santa Barbara. I bought the 29.3 first after a 5 minute test ride. (After 2 hours on a bunch of the RM and Gazelles). Took it home. Wife rode it and would not give it up. So I ordered the 29.5. I think it is a good compromise to the suspension R&M...