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  1. Phyz

    Turbo Connect Display Battery Replacement (TCD Lo Bat)

    I must be losing a step on my Google-gu. I'm getting a "Lo Bat" on my 2020 Vado 4.0's TCD but cannot find videos on replacing its 2032 button battery. What am I doing wrong? Looks like it's a hard reset when you swap that battery out: all info and pairing is lost. It's not obvious to me how you...
  2. Phyz

    Toe clips for my Vado?

    Vado enthusiasts: what’s the smart way to get some cages and straps on my Vado? I’d like a little more connection to my pedals than the platform pedals provide, but I do not want to go clipless.
  3. Phyz

    New Vado 4.0 Cadence Creak

    If my Vado were old and this were a recurrence, I'd call it Cadence Creak Revival. [Hold for laughter.] But on ... day three of my Vado's gentle break-in period (well, my break in period), I noticed a cadence-matched creaking coming from the ... motor? crankset? I don't know. LBS (Specialized...
  4. Phyz

    2020 Vado Bluetooth Mission Control pairing issues

    So I could not get Mission Control to connect. It made an effort, asked for the code. Code appeared on TCDw. I typed in the code. It didn’t connect, but gave me another code. I typed in the second code. It didn’t connect. Okay, let’s delete the bike from the app and try it all again. Add a new...
  5. Phyz

    Western US distribution stalled post Utah earthquake

    LBS says they've offered to rent a truck to deadhead from California to Specialized's Salt Lake City distribution warehouse to get product moving, Distribution is constipated since the 5.7 earthquake March 18. Orders are piling up but product is not moving. Anyone here with deeper insight?
  6. Phyz

    Seatylock U-lock mounting bracket incompatible with Seatylock U-lock

    Seatylock Mounting Bracket I bought this Seatylock U-Lock mounting bracket hoping to use it to mount a Seatylock U-Lock. But the included hardware (sleeve that attaches to the lock bar) doesn't fit the lock bar of my Seatylock Pentagon Mason U-lock. Returning it to Amazon with a negative...
  7. Phyz

    Lumos Ultra

    Coming soon, apparently. Soon is not defined. Tighter LED strip and a different type of LED. So, brighter. Flashing is available. Low price ($99) seems to be imperative. No mention of MIPS.
  8. Phyz

    Neither love nor money can get you this Vado?

    So I did my research and settled on a Turbo Vado 4.0 L ST Dove Grey. LBS indicates ... no dice. "Sold Out!" The LBS doesn't carry Vado's at all, but is a Specialized dealer who can order bikes. But after entering the details into the computer, he tells me he can order the dark red. I assure...
  9. Phyz

    Last place?

    What's our wisdom on this? It looks like Specialized has some work to do here. Experience tells me there will be a strong urge to shoot the messenger. I hope we can do better than that, as enlightened as we are...
  10. Phyz

    The right sized Vado?

    I'm on the bubble between a Large and Extra Large frame size per Specialized size chart. I'm 6'1" (185cm). But I'm tall in the torso (32" inseam). The smart thing to do would be to go to the LBS and test drive both. But the LBSs don't seem to have Vados of any kind anywhere near their showroom...
  11. Phyz

    Shopping at LBS during lockdown

    When casting about for a first time eBike purchase with a bit of hesitation and uncertainty, folks on the forum tend to do what we all tend to do on fora, which is to recommend “do what I did”. And what they did was to drop in to their LBS and test drive a few models to feel them out. And...
  12. Phyz

    How wrong am I?

    I'm jumping back onto a bike after too many years away and love the idea of an ebike. I've been binging reviews left, right, and center because I'm so out of the loop in terms of knowledge. I'm finding myself attracted to the Trek Verve+ 3. I hope to do some commuting, bike path riding...