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  1. eDean

    Horns or tri bars compatable with FS RX

    Hi, With my second battery my rides are getting much longer. Looking for an easy to install solution to provide more riding positions that will integrate with the stock bar. Thanks!
  2. eDean

    Rear view mirrors

    Hi, Any suggestions for a rear view mirror that works with the stock grips on a 2014 net jet. They are non locking ergons. Thanks!
  3. eDean

    Burley Attachment points

    I'm thinking about getting a burley trailer. Wondering if anyone has attached one to bh or haibike successfully?
  4. eDean

    Vibration at 16 mph

    Hi, My 2015 FS RX has a vibration at around 16 mph when pedaled. It is just at that speed. I am wondering if others have experienced anything like that. It appears to happen if there assist or not. I has something similar early on around 13 mph and the LBS said some of the mounting bolts...
  5. eDean

    Easy Motion vs Bosch Second Generation Drive Systems

    Easy Motion vs Bosch Second Generation Drive Systems This review compares the second generation Bosch 36 volt mid drive 350 watt to the BH Easy Motion 36 volt rear geared hub 350 watt 2014 drive system. These drives are used across multiple bikes. Bosch is used by many manufactures and BH...
  6. eDean

    Power Grip Pedals

    Saw this while building out an elf.
  7. eDean

    Elf Sighting in Maryland

    So I was minding my own business about to take a short cut thought a golf course when I saw this. I immediately turned around and went into full persuit. The ELF was fast and I could not makeup the difference on my FS RX...
  8. eDean

    Walkmode on FS RX

    My walk mode button does not seem to do anything, is that just for the speed versions of the Bosch drives?
  9. eDean


    Shylock, for those of us who don't have an st2. Too bad it's months away.
  10. eDean

    Haibike FS RX Wattage 250?

    I was a bit surprised to see a deccal on my Haibike FS RX head tube that says 250 watt motor. Is that correct? This site states 350 watt, bosch claims 250 watts on their 25km/h model. The same decal also says 20 mph top speed so it mush be an American model.
  11. eDean

    Is it ok to ride on restricted trails if you take off the battery

    Let's say a trail is restricted to non motorized bikes, if you take off your battery and put it in a pannier or leave it at home, are you legal?
  12. eDean

    Haibike FS RX Kick Stand

    Hi, Any suggestions for a kickstand? Found this: . Kinda wish there was a pedal with a kickstand built in, one of Courts...
  13. eDean

    Totally Modern EBike

    Hi, As a thought exercise, if you were designing a state of the art ebike from scratch what would you include? Her are some things I would like to see.. 1. Uses smart phone as a native interface. This allows for third party interfaces for starters. Phone is color, smart, updates over...
  14. eDean

    Haibike Stand Over Heights

    Hi, There is a lot of information on Haibikes on the web expect for one thing, the internet is devoid of stand over heights. I would think that a bike manufacture that goes out of the way to make 4 frame sizes would want to plaster this information on the universe. If you have any...
  15. eDean

    Haibike in DC Area

    Hi, I'm interested in getting a Haibike this season. In the DC metro area Spokes has one bike across their four locations in VA and it is a larger frame size. Looking to find out if there are any dealers with floor models in this area. Thanks, Dean
  16. eDean

    Pedego 2014 City Commuter Impressions

    Based on 6 Weeks of ownership, 3 weeks of use. 500w model. I ride for exercise, often without assist. Usually 25 miles day with gentle hills. My style is more active. Summary: This was the wrong bike for me. Think of it like I bought a Lincoln Town Car when what I really needed was a...
  17. eDean

    Neo Jet Break Squeal

    Hi, 2 week in and 240 miles an my bike has a horrific squeal from the rear brake. I have centered it twice (loosen break screws, hold break lever, tighten screws) but nothing work. Not only does it squeal but it also resonates. On one ride someone yelled at me for being too loud in a...
  18. eDean

    Currie Peak

    Hi, I am sure I'm not alone in my interest in the Currie Peak. It seems like a great bike at a reasonable price point. If you have one please share your experience. While there are couple of reviews of this bike, they are based on initial impressions. I'm looking for insight around a...