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    Chain guard sheared off of chain ring + a few other things

    Took the bike out today after the mid-winter service (47 degrees after 3 miserable weeks of snow, cold, and rain), installed a new chain [Speed Wax treated], new brake pads, brake bleed, new chain-ring, new tires, new tubes, new seat, etc., and about 10 or so miles into a 14.32 miles ride only...
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    Nice "Gadget" for those who want it

    I ordered and received my new toy. Sharing: For those who may appreciate it, it's pretty cool!
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    WOW!!! They're back in business!!!!

    Got an e-mail yesterday from Specialized apologizing for the 'inconvenience' of not responding to an inquiry I made in late July early August and that if I wished to revisit my inquiry, I should resubmit as the initial call/inquiry was being closed (without any anything). Well, just for shixx's...
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    Specialized E-Bike BMW Charger

    OK, it's possibly been discussed regarding portable charging, Sine wave DC-AC-DC vs DC-DC, etc., etc. Bottom line is I'm asking for some possible help. I recently picked up a Specialized BMW 12v charger that was provided with the BMW/bike combo a few years ago. I think it's not working. Maybe...
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    Como Handlebars on Vado 5.0

    Looks sweet, can't wait to ride tomorrow!
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    Mission Control Question

    Speaking of the Mission Control.....I have it on an iPhone 7 that I use as a 'dedicated' bicycle device. The iPhone 7 has no paid cellular service associated with it. It does however have the GPS functionality, Wi-FI, etc., so when I start Mission Control prior to my rides (testing purposes...
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    Kineket Suspension Seat Post - Anyone got a 'mountable' under seat bag?

    Any 'under the seat' saddle bags seem to interfere, rub or not fit with the Kinekt seat post. Anyone have any solutions (just like to have the option instead of a 'RackTime' "all the time" bag).
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    Supernova upgrade light on Vado 5.0

    I'm finding the existing Supernova OEM light on the Vado 5.0 insufficient to light the early darkness I ride in daily. Is it just a matter of replacing it with a M99 Pro or Mini? Pluses, minuses, good, bad or ?
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    How to carry a 2nd battery for the Turbo Vado 5.0

    Considering a 2nd battery for my Turbo Vado 5.0 The 'rides' I participate in are averaging 20-30 miles daily, except on weekends they go 35-100 miles. No problem, as I return with minimal 25%, and as much as 47%, depending on conditions for my normal Tuesday-Friday rides which never exceed 35...
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    2 Months, 1,000 miles Vado 5.0 Report

    So yesterday I hit the 1k mark, and without exception, the only item that had been of any concern was a loose screw...on the front fender where the light mounts. Even after using thread lock 2 times, and still no go, so I put a washer and lock-washer on, seems to have done the trick. I have to...
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    New Kinekt suspension stem

    It's installed, now the ride this morning......
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    Headlight Flash Mode, is it a setting or not available?

    On the 2020/2021 Turbo Vado 5.0, does the front headlight have a flash mode or only on/off?
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    SOLD-Trek/Interchange Trunk Bags (2) + Frame - $48

    Fantastic condition, I have 2, one is a small for quick short ride when you don't need a big bag, the other a bigger bag with panniers. Includes seat post mount rack. My new bike uses different rack system, my loss your gain. $48 takes all 3 items! Not sure about shipping, so if interested...
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    Total mileage, like a normal speedometer?

    I may have asked before, I'm not really sure if it was correctly answered, so I'm asking again; via the selection of the various display modes ON THE BIKE (not on the iPhone or Android screen/app), is there not anywhere to see the total accumulated mileage of the bike as well as any specific...
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    Vado 5.0 Motor Error Message

    Received a "Motor Error" message during the start of my morning bike ride. Pulled over, turned off the bike, turned it back on, message went away, bike operated normally. Is this something that I should have concern about or is it just the way it is? Are there any 'logs' that have indication...
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    Which chain is on the Vado 5.0?

    Specs show a Shimano HG601, 11-speed chain, but I find there are 3 to choose from when purchasing, 116 links, 126 links or 138 links? Which one is used on the Turbo Vado 5.0? Help me understand why there are different lengths, and what would happen if the wrong one was used. Just getting things...
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    Some Help on planning a ride with Mission Control

    Tomorrow the group I ride with is doing a 67 mile ride. As of tomorrow, it'll be 1 month exactly that I've have my Turbo Vado 5.0 and am approaching 550 miles. I've had zero issues with performance and operation, just a loose fender bolt that has been addressed. Anyway, I 90% of the time use ECO...
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    Brose S motors - A Little Summary Overview

    Stumbled across this, felt it was worth sharing to assist in making decisions. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brose S motors The S motor line is at the very front of the big dog pack - dramatically peppier than most...
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    Delete Please

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    Love my Vado 5.0, BUT........

    As previously communicated here, prior to making my purchase, I was not pleased with the reply or response from the corporate voicemail 'leave your request' process. NEVER responded. Regardless, I bought a Vado 5.0. NOW, as I continue to enjoy the experience and enjoy the new acquisition, I...