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  1. Angela M.

    2020 Riese & Müller Load Review

    A full suspension cargo e-bike, with high torque, high speed, and a 200 pound cargo weight capacity. As a parent, I'm particularly excited about the child seat feature. I'd love to hear your thoughts!
  2. Angela M.

    EVELO Aries Bike Review

    A strong bike with large tires, generous warranty, and the frame size is chosen for you based on your height. What are you thoughts on the EVELO Aries?
  3. Angela M.

    Electrek XCYX Pickup Review

    The XCYX is a heavy duty electric cargo trike that almost performs like a truck with a big bed for hauling heavier stuff. Take a look and let's hear your thoughts!
  4. Angela M.

    UPS ebike pilot to assist urban delivery "UPS has tested e-bike delivery in other cities, but the Seattle pilot is the first in which wagons with detachable containers will be used. The cargo bikes can hold up to 400 pounds. Couriers will drive on...
  5. Angela M.

    My not-so-fancy intro!

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself -- I'm Angela, one of the moderators here on the EBR forum, along with @Amy and @rich c . Unlike Amy & Rich, who have a wealth of knowledge about ebikes, I do not. I'm eager to learn and am in awe of how much many of you know about ebikes. I'll do my...