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  1. Lenny

    Nation Wide Shortage on FS eMTB'S

    Just a public announcement to make for those who are shopping for a full suspension mountain bike right now, especially small or medium sizes. You find it to be very difficult finding a bike that is in-stock. I also recommend calling the dealer instead of trusting any website for availability...
  2. Lenny

    Blow out on Magnum Classic Folder $900

    We have over a dozen folding bikes we need to dump to make room for new inventory. These are priced to sell. Shipping not included. Tax is waived. Depending on what state your buying from the tax incentive alone is worth it! Check out link here ->...
  3. Lenny

    Overstock on BH Easymotion Bikes over 50% off on some models

    Hey ebike community, we have some older models of hardtail and full suspension emtb's that may interest you. These models still carry BH's warranty and have all been checked out. I have around 8-10 of each model left so we're just blowing out the prices on them to make room for some newer stuff...
  4. Lenny

    Excessive Heat Warning in Wisconsin

    We're having the hottest day we've ever had in a long time and it just got me thinking... Boy is it nice we have ebikes! Moving effortlessly faster provides the much-needed airflow to keep you cool. Just wanted to throw that out there.
  5. Lenny

    Took a Juiced CampScrambler on trade need it gone

    We had a customer recently trade in a brand new Juiced CampScrambler with the bigger battery. We normally would never take a trade on a brand we do not carry, but we have this sitting around the shop and just need it gone. Based on our research the retail was around $2799 for this model. We...
  6. Lenny


    This is just for the benefit of the eBike community. We just got ST3 bikes and we realized that there are no high-res pictures of this bike anywhere on the internet. So, here we go. It is a beautiful machine. For your viewing pleasure only.
  7. Lenny

    5 Different eBikes for under $1000

    Hello eBike community, we are consolidating some inventory from last year and wanted to discount some entry level bikes for folks that may be new or just want a great deal on a new bike without breaking the bank. In order from left to right Sun Electrolite for $680 (1 avail) | 1Up 500w...
  8. Lenny

    Thoughts on BMC eBIKES?

    Today we got to demo a BMC Alpenchallenge AMP City LTD "talk about a long name :oops:" BUT WOW!!! We're thinking about carrying these eBikes in the near future and wanted to see what the community thought of them since it's a big investment. These are not cheap eBikes with prices 5K+ buut they...
  9. Lenny

    The Pivot Shuttle is now available from our store

    Hey Guys & Gals, we now carry the all new Pivot Shuttle. A Full Carbon Fiber eMTB with the Shimano Steps System. Check out the bike here I also attached a few photos for your viewing pleasure of this amazing beast of a bike.
  10. Lenny

    Holiday Savings From Lennys in Madison

    Hey eBike community, You can buy an eBike with Fox suspension, Deore XT component, 203mm Hydraulic brakes, 600Whr battery for $1000 and you get a 5yr warranty on the motor, controller, and display. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas.
  11. Lenny

    Fat Tire EBikes?

    As many of you may have noticed lately... There are more and more Fat Tire bikes out there. So what makes them so special? Here is a great video that talks about just some of the many Benefits of a Fat Tire E-Bikes.
  12. Lenny

    Crazy Lenny's Customer Appreciation Day - July 23rd 2017

    Every year, we host a customer appreciation day at our store. This is in celebration of all things E-bikes and our customers who have kept us in the business. This year, we continue the tradition but with even more vigor and pomp. We will have company executives from Stromer, BH, BULLS...
  13. Lenny

    A car replacement? YES!

    One of our friend, Adam sent us this video and we were WOW'ed by his effort and scientific approach. You may remember he had made a video a month ago comparing an ST2 with Focus mid-drive. Now, he is taking it to another level. This is such a detailed, analytical approach to comparing E-bike Vs...
  14. Lenny

    This happened..! Very upsetting

    Fortunately, no one was hurt! still very upsetting. More than 90 bikes were damaged! We always try to avoid Li-Po's but Li-ion can be quite tricky at times. We are yet to find out the root cause. The fire personnel are working on clearing the place. We received several calls from our local...
  15. Lenny

    Hard data to prove E-biking is NOT cheating.

    Adam is a friend of ours and we are proud to have customers like him. This kind of data driven analysis can eliminate the stigma around E-bikes.
  16. Lenny

    Demo Day with CEO of BH Easy Motion

    Hello EBR, We have a special event this weekend and would like to welcome everyone of you. Steve Lindenau, CEO of Easy Motion USA will be here to answer all your questions and David Evans, East Coast sales manager will be here as well. We have the EVO Snow ( All-wheel drive) bike and full...
  17. Lenny

    Stromer ST2 Pick up truck

    One of our employees bought an ST2 couple weeks ago. He is a hardcore E-biker and he has turned his ST2 into lumber pick up truck. He has a trailer for hauling groceries, trailer for kids..... He might be pushing the usage of ST2 to a new level here :)
  18. Lenny

    M1 Spitzing R-pedelec

    We have been getting a lot of calls lately about the Spitzing R-pedelec and have 3 pre-orders. It has all the performance of a stealth bomber but with a mid-drive and at a fairly light weight of 57lbs. Because of its higher top speed (40mph), it is not street legal! Let us know if you're...
  19. Lenny

    Sneak Peak into the Bosch e-bike drive system

    Very cool. Clever engineering allows for motor to run at high RPM and produce excellent Torque.
  20. Lenny

    Ebike market - pricing and customer-centric business.

    Recently, there was a big debate on one of the social networking websites about the MAP pricing and how undercutting affects everyone in the industry. For the sake of privacy and respect, I am not linking that forum post here. A local business magazine has an article highlighting Lenny's...