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    Stromer ST2 will not power on

    Currently my ST2 is completely dead. I pulled the battery out, waited 1 hr, put the batter back in, nothing, will not power at all. The battery is 100% charged since I was charging it out of the bike. Has anyone seen this? I've tried removing the batt numerous times to see if that helps...
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    Very bad head shake or shimmy

    I am getting a very bad shake and shimmy when i take my hands off the handlebars for just a brief moment (like adjusting my gloves, etc...). It hits hard when i hit 15mph and higher. It wasnt an issue when i first got the bike and have since put about 500 miles on it when that shimmy started...
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    Stromer st2 correct firmware?

    Can someone please confirm if I have the latest firmware or not? I've had my st2 for a little over a month and have never been prompted for a firmware update and afraid I am not on the latest.
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    stromer omni app immediately crashing

    is anyone else having issues with the stromer omni app with their st2 and st2s bikes? i just started noticing today that when i try to launch the app it just immediately crashes... after 1 sec of trying to load. this is on ios, iphone 6s. am i the only one having this issue or others?
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    ST2 level2 assist

    so I know assist level 2 is customizable. Do you know if the level 2 assist can be customized to be more "powerful" than level 3 assist? Or will it always have less assistance compared to level 3 regardless of how "fast" you make level 2 in the app? Thanks
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    ST2 in lock mode

    Hi everyone I just got my st2 today and totally love it and all the tech! Do you guys know if the battery depletes significantly if I leave the bike in lock mode for a long time, 8hrs+? I noticed the led light blinking but assume that blinking stops eventually? What if I lock the bike then...