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    Winter Riding

    Had anyone in here ridden electric bike in the winter? Would like to hear your experience. Thank you.
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    ebike conversion kits

    I was planning to converse my 26" wheels regular bicycle to an ebike. I bought LCD+Disc+ Front 36V 800W Electric Bicycle Hub Motor Brushless Conversion Kit 26" and 36v 20ah LiFePO4 Battery 5A Charger BMS E Bike Rechargeable Powerful USE 800W But now I read the bicycle laws in my city, and...
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    New here, would like to say hello to everyone

    Hello everyone! I am very new here. I recently purchased a voltbike urban for commuting to work. I enjoy it very much, but am not an expert about ebikes. I want to learn more about them, and I'm glad to find this site. I read several posts from many active members who are very kind and...