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  1. HumanitiesHaze

    Lost a light level on my Dash Battery

    Just happened this week. The #8 diagnosis on the panel says a full charge is around 79% and I only get 4 lights on the actual battery. I figure I have about 125 charges on the battery @ 2580 miles, which I guess is in line of the 300 charge life of the battery. At this rate I'll need to spend...
  2. HumanitiesHaze

    Court, can you compare the 2015 Dash against the 2016?

    You drove both of them. Looks like in your review the 500 Hub motor responded better than the mid-motor. For those of us thinking about an upgrade would you recommend it? Which one is faster to 20mph , 28mph, better hill climber? The range doesn't look like it improved much at all by going to...
  3. HumanitiesHaze

    The 2016's are live on izips site

    Looking at the Dash the torque has gone up considerable from 40nm to 73nm! That should climb some hills. HIGHLIGHTS Class 3, 28 mph speed 350W Currie Electro-Drive® Centerdrive System 73 NM of Torque 48V down tube battery Fully equipped 700c pavement warrior (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)...
  4. HumanitiesHaze

    Raced a Storm fat bike this weekend

    Ran into a happy Storm owner, this weekend. We ended up swapping bikes for a mile or so. Then we dragged raced in throttle mode. No contest, I smoked him pretty bad (E3 Dash). Fun to drive though, handles slow due to the tires, and @ 6'4" it is way too small of a bike for me. I set him up on...
  5. HumanitiesHaze

    IZIP E3 Sumo

    Damn if that isn't a great looking and performing bike! Kinda makes me want to upgrade my E3 Dash to it for the off road side of things. Looks like the Battery life takes a hit moving those big tires around tho.
  6. HumanitiesHaze

    LED strip on my eBike

    Using a small 12v pack off ebay ($23) and a roll of LED strips off ebay ($34) I was able to clip off a small section and stick it to the underside of my bike. The results are a super bright strip that you can turn any color, strobe, fade etc. Pack lasts about 3 hours and some colors are visible...
  7. HumanitiesHaze

    LED mod on my Dash

    Using the 12v headlight output I hooked up some supernight LED's. I can use the light button on the bike to turn on/off. Comes with a remote to change colors, fade, blink, strobe, etc. I mounted the small controller under the battery mount. Thinking of adding a strip to the bottom of the top...
  8. HumanitiesHaze

    Upgraded to a 2015 E3 Dash

    As some of you know I had some issues with my 2014 so Curries awesome customer service worked with me to upgrade my 2014 dash to a shiny new 2015!!! Haven't had much time on it to compare against the 2014, but here are some quick observations I made about the two. 2015 definitely takes off...
  9. HumanitiesHaze

    Riding Position 2014 vs 2015

    Not sure if anyone has driven both years of the E3 Dash yet, just curious if the position is any different due to the different frames between the two models. The 2014 was pretty aggressive forward, wondering if the 2015 is the same. They kinda look the same, but the new seat might make a...
  10. HumanitiesHaze

    My 500 mile E3 Dash Review

    This is a 500 mile review of the 1st generation Currie E3 Dash ignoring any mechanical issues I have had in the past. This is just strictly about the bike, and how all the components work together as a whole. As we know the E3 Dash is one of the few 48v 500w Ebikes out there to offer a 20mph...
  11. HumanitiesHaze

    Let's talk about 48v 6amp chargers

    I've been using a variety of LiPo chargers for years now, and the stock Tranz X 2amp charger for the Dash/Path/Peak takes too long. I've been using this company for a while with great success. It has all the protection one needs for a long life LiPo Charger will...
  12. HumanitiesHaze

    Blown motor on E3 Dash with 29 miles on it

    [important update] The issue with this motor was discovered and has been addressed by Currie Technologies. Magnets were coming loose based on glue quality. If anyone else has the issue please see the PDF description and official response deeper in the thread here. -- Just got my brand new iZip...