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    Did Anybody Own A Ebike With The Ultra With A Nylon Gear?

    I bought a Biktrix Ultra in fall of 2018 (gunmetal color if that helps; I think the color is changed every year). Does my bike have the nylon gear?
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    Major flaw in 2019 and earlier Juggernaut Ultra FS:

    I broke the deraileur hanger on my pre-2019 Juggernaut Ultra, and I ordered a replacement from Roshan. If you are worried about replacement parts running out, try to buy a few now.
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    Outdoor Adventure EBike (camping, trail riding, etc)

    Biktrix Juggernaut: The owner Roshan often posts in the Biktrix subforum. I also exchanged emails with him when I bought my Ultra. I think Biktrix is good for a starter bike. If you want to go with the pricier Watt Wagons, I would consider the CrossTour.
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    The "UNOFFICIAL" Helios FAQ thread....

    Is the internal battery removable?
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    Watt Wagons Scrambler Style Ebike

    I also like the Radrunner design, but with the option to put a giant second battery in the place that the center storage box goes:
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    Watt Wagons Scrambler Style Ebike

    Full suspension is not a big deal for me. I think fat tires alone are adequate suspension, but it appears I am in the minority. I like this design, but thinner for easier pedaling and with a booster seat option:
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    Need help deciding on a sub $2,500 bike for off road

    I have the Bafang Ultra mid-drive, and I have not tried a hub drive; but I like the idea of a duo hub-drive. Advantage of mid-drive: Most efficiency and least weight, will climb without overheating Advantage of duo hub-drive: Redundancy, can use motor if chain breaks; can use both motors for...
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    Group Riding with Traditional Gravel Cyclists on E-Bike (dilemmas)

    First try the Vado; if negatively perceived, try the Lovelec. After at least two rides, you will have some ideas about what kind of performance you are looking for should you choose to purchase a third bike.
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    Military Use For Ebike Type

    I like the dual hub motor, step-through design, and low placement of big batteries. I wish they would make one with pedals and chain/belt; but it looks like the bike might be a tad wide for comfortable pedaling.
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    SONDORS to debut first electric motorcycle later this month

    I wish they made it with an enclosed storage compartment instead of a hole in the frame, wasted space. Also, I wish it had at least 100 miles of range.
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    Watt Wagons Scrambler Style Ebike

    I like the idea of redundancy for touring. Hub motors will also keep you going if the chain breaks.
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    Watt Wagons Scrambler Style Ebike

    My dream scrambler would have the following: 1) Dual hub motor like the Ariel D-class (for touring in case one motor fails) 2) Frame design like the Ariel D-class or Luna Banana (lots of space in the main triangle for spare batteries; a triangle bag could be offered as an accessory.) 3)...
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    looking for quality commute / light off-road / dirt bike

    The Shred (500W Bafang hub motor) is the same money for less bike compared to the Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra (1000+W Bafang mid motor). This sales-pitch for the Shred is actually a selling point for the Ultra: "In fact, you’ll swear it’s as so smooth as a mid-drive motor." Even at the same W, a...
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    looking for quality commute / light off-road / dirt bike

    Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra 1000
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    Fatbike Tires Compared to Not So Fatbike Tires

    I ride two analog bikes (a flat bar roadbike and a fully rigid 90s mountainbike 26er) and the Juggernaut Ultra (26er, 4 inch tire, fork replaced with rigid). The most usual problem I have is hitting a pothole and getting a flat, the thinner the tire the greater the chance of this mishap. There...
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    What is a good fat Tire Folding ebike for 6ft height in Canada?

    Biktrix Kutty Biktrix is a Canadian company based in Saskatchewan. You will get your bike more quickly than from other sellers, and Biktrix is generally well reviewed on this site.
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    Are Kenda Juggernaut tires not so good?

    I have the same tires on my Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra 1000. On highest pedal assist, I reach about 32 km/h, which is the speed limit in school zones. On throttle, the Bafang motor gives me 1500w until I hit the controller limited top speed of 50 km/h, at which point the motor cuts back to about...
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    Why are the e-bike sold only with heavy inefficient fat tires?

    First off, ebikes are sold in multiple shapes and sizes and not "only with heavy inefficient fat tires". So the question should really be: Why would anyone want to ride a fat tire ebike? Here are some related questions: Why does the heavier Camry outsell the lighter Corolla automobile in the...