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  1. Tara D.

    Cane Creek Thudbuster LT Suspension Seat Post Review

    If your thinking about comfort check out this review of the Cane Creek Thudbuster
  2. Tara D.

    eProdigy Whistler Video Review

    I like how small and compact the motor is! The 2016 eProdigy Whistler is a well rounded mostly-city oriented mid-drive electric bike, eProdigy is offering a more powerful 500 watt motor that's visually small and relatively quiet along with a...
  3. Tara D.

    EG Vienna 250 Video Review

    The more I see these folding bikes the more I think I should start looking into one, it would be so easy to just pop in the back of the SUV with my littles balance bike and go off somewhere to ride around! The EG Vienna 250 is one of the lightest and...
  4. Tara D.

    Easy Motion Big Bud Pro Video Review

    2WD Electric Fat bike sounds like it would be great for a Colorado winter :) I like How you can use the bike like an exercise bike but in the real world able to keep your heart rate in your zone with the help of the app. I had a really fantastic spin instructor once who was so good at describing...
  5. Tara D.

    Juiced Bikes ODK U500 V3 Video Review

    I love all the different accessories that you can get for this bike
  6. Tara D.

    Turbo Levo FSR Comp 6Fattie

    This bike seems super solid which is really beneficial when you are going down that mountain and has a little added protection with the skid plate. The 4 frame sizes (small to extra large) insure that there is a model for every size rider.
  7. Tara D.

    BH eMotion now producing AWD ebikes

    I didn't see this was shared any where yet, I think its pretty neat that they are now going to produce a few AWD bikes!
  8. Tara D.

    2016 Blix Komfort+

    Some nice added features this year is a rear rack which holds up to 55 lbs worth of cargo and a lcd display. What else do you like about the 2016 model? The Blix Komfort+ is a classy step-thru city bike with ergonomic grips, swept back handlebar and...
  9. Tara D.

    Felt Brühaul Video Review

    This cargo bike is only 53lbs, about 10 pounds lighter then the Yuba Spicy Curry and with a maximum payload weight of 400 lbs you can really load this bike up. The Bosch drive system allows this cargo bike to easily become a performance commuter getting between 30 and 60 miles per charge...
  10. Tara D.

    E-Lux Tahoe Electric Beach Cruiser - Customer Interview

    I like having the customer interviews it offers a great perspective that Court doesn't necessarily get when he is only reviewing the bike for a day! I spoke with a customer who had purchased the E-Lux Tahoe electric beach cruiser and ridden it for...
  11. Tara D.

    Add-E 600W Ebike Kit Video Review

    I love the stealth of this bike but it is disappointingly loud. Seems like it took quite a lot of work to get this kit installed on this bike, hopefully no one runs into that problem but if they do I hope they make some fun videos of their install!
  12. Tara D.

    Stromer ST2 S Video Review

    Woah the Supernova light has 1600 lumens! Great for night commuting. The Stromer ST2 S is an urban racer with smooth electronic shifting, app-driven performance tuning, ultra-bright dynamic lighting that responds to braking, five levels of power regen...
  13. Tara D.

    IZIP E3 Dash Video Review

    A Speed Pedalec priced at $2599.00 and comes fully loaded for your commute including fenders, rear rack rated for 40lbs, and fully integrated front and rear lights. A very cool safety feature and my favorite aspect, is that it has a light sensor so when it gets dark out your lights and...
  14. Tara D.

    IZIP E3 Peak Video review

    The E3 Peak is using the same motor as the E3 Dash which is a speed pedelec, a 73 Nm mid-drive motor. Something to keep in mind is that there are No motor inhibitors or shift detection on the E3 Peak.
  15. Tara D.

    Flux Trail Video Review

    This hard tail bike is on Indiegogo right now and passed their goal within 4 days! There are still 24 days left of the campaign so plenty of time to get one. I love that it has the USB Charging Port on the Battery Pack and the aggressive slope on the frame that makes the stand over a little...
  16. Tara D.

    Torker Tristar Hybrid Electric Trike

    This bike isn't in production anymore but you might still find some floating around out there. 10-15 mph, would make for a nice little grocery getter :) . I like the parking break, my B.O.B stroller happens to have the same mechanism.
  17. Tara D.

    Raleigh Detour iE

    Here is a nice efficient, mid-drive commuter Ebike. I like that the display gives you a read out of your estimated range in each mode. This is one of Shimano's most compact and lightest weight ebike drive systems on the market. It is capable of shift sensing if you have Di2 electronic gear...
  18. Tara D.

    Spring time in the rockies

    We got a pretty decent blizzard out here the other day but that didn't stop my friend from his regular commute with his new snow-aero frame with integrated snowcrank. I don't believe he rides with electric assist though it might have come in handy!
  19. Tara D.

    Raleigh Sprint iE Video Review

    Raleighs second speed pedelec (capable of hitting ~28 mph in pedal assist) With the option of adding a boost ring for and extra $50. Has a new motor for 2016 M25GTS mid-drive motor from TranzX
  20. Tara D.

    IZIP E3 ProTour

    I love that it comes with the cafe lock and This bike also is equipped with CAN bus technology. The IZIP E3 ProTour is one of the coolest looking, most feature rich high-speed electric bicycles I've tested... the battery is beautifully integrated and...