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  1. technomadia - chris

    Seeking a Compact Ebike Built For Outdoor Boat / RV Storage?

    We've had a pair of eJoe EPIK SE's that have served us well for the past five years - but they have aged badly (especially since we moved onto a boat) and have deteriorated to the point that it is time to replace them. So what should we get? There are a LOT more Ebike options than when we were...
  2. technomadia - chris

    Green Bike USA?

    Has anyone here tried out Green Bike USA's products? They claim to be makers of America's "Best Selling Electric Bike" - but with that claim it seems very weird I can't find any mention of the company on the forums here at all. The folder GB-FS5 looks interesting for our needs - and it seems...
  3. technomadia - chris

    Folding eBike Suggestions for a Technomadic RV Garage?

    Greetings - I just discovered this forum and community today, and I am thrilled. We are two full-time traveling technomads that live in a very geeked out solar-powered vintage 1961 bus that has been converted to an RV. We have been bike-less for several years, but we are intending our next...