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  1. Marko

    GPS tracking

    Has anyone experience on gps tracking devices for bicycles and which would be the best. I was recommended to get one (by someone who had had his locked e-bike stolen). However, I am not convinced yet. Wouldn't the thieves immediately search for such devices and remove them? And do these tracking...
  2. Marko

    Turbo S and Winter Performance

    I have noticed that my Turbo stops functioning properly in subzero temps. Today I had the bike outside during all working day, temperature being at about 8F. When I left for home, only the Eco mode worked, not Turbo or Regen. When back home, the battery did not start charging. The charge at...
  3. Marko

    Turbo bottom bracket noise

    I have recently been getting rather loud clicking (actually more like popping) noise from the bottom bracket when under load. Anyone have similar experiences? The BB is FSA Megaevo 386.
  4. Marko


    Another one in the R-category. Found this Croatian made bike in the pedelecforum: It has some interesting features like the 5" color display computer with fingerprint identification. Battery chemistry is something I had never heard of, lithium nanophosphate. The...
  5. Marko

    USB socket

    I would like to install a USB charge socket in the Turbo. Apparently Tout Terrain had the Plug 2 that would accept even DC from ebike batteries, but it was probably already replaced by Plug 3 which is compatible only with alternating current. B&M has the e-Werk but that is not very discreet...
  6. Marko


    Do you cover trikes in this forum? I would be interested to see an in depth review on the HP Velotechnik FS 26 Scorpion S-Pedelec.
  7. Marko

    Motor malfunction

    Last Friday when I left work temp was at around 32F. I turn the bike on and only ECO or OFF mode work, no REGEN. I have had this occur about two weeks earlier. I wonder if this is again some temp control thing of the Turbo - when ever temp drops below freezing, disable Turbo and regen. I reset...
  8. Marko

    Turbo (2013) Saddle

    My saddle broke so that the front attachment to the carbon rail cracked. I have no idea how or when it happened. Possibly lifting the bike from the the saddle front or turning it upside down to replace a tire. Any recommendations for a replacement saddle? I did not see the same ones being sold...
  9. Marko


    I wonder why Specialized hasn't allowed tweaking the bike settings or updating the firmware. There is a diagnostic tool that attaches to the battery by which you can change some settings like max speed and acceleration rate, run diagnosis software and do fw updates. However, this tool is only...
  10. Marko

    2013 Turbo Experiences

    Hello, New here. I bought mine March this year and here are some observations. I bought the bike to better cope in tough commuting conditions. I ride through the winter and sometimes the roads are not plowed (for example, 20 cm wet snow, ice, etc.) or there is heavy headwind, which is very...