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  1. Cupid

    Upgrading their old ST1 to go faster?

    Anyone make any customization to their old 2015 ST1 model to make it go faster? Modification like adding mid-drive motor and additional battery? I don't even know if mid-drive motor kit will fit or not from Luna Cycle. I have looked into...
  2. Cupid

    New current model Turbo S

    Hi guys, What's good fair market price for new Spealized Turbo S? Where did you guys get yours and any recommendation on Specialized Dealership online/store that will offer the lowest price? thx YK
  3. Cupid

    Wheel for St1

    Will the following wheel fit on Stromer ST1 Front Wheel. I know tire size is 26x2.15-inch. I also did verify that its 6 Bolt Disc on the front wheel...
  4. Cupid

    ST1 loosing power & speed

    Has anyone experienced loosing power/speed one day with your ST1? As I started to ride today and the bike's top speed when pedaling at same torque was about 3.5 mph less. It felt like, I had rear flat tire (checked tire pressure and it was all good) Bike felt heavy and sluggish. Its not...
  5. Cupid

    Battery Charger issue /usage

    Had 2 incident with Battery charger, where it does not charge the battery. I had the Battery Charger already plugged into the wall outlet in GREEN state.(for at least 1 hr+) Next, I plug charging port into the bike. At this time Battery charger LED still indicates Green, fan does not start...
  6. Cupid

    tire tube

    Can I use 26 x 2.125 tube on Stromer ST1? Even when ST1 has 26 x 2.15 Here's one example: Let me know if there will be any issues using this on ST1 MEETLOCKS® 26x1.75-2.125 MTB BIKE Inner Tube...
  7. Cupid

    Must Buy accessories Items for ST1

    What are must buy accessories items after your ST1 purchase? Anything you guys recommend? E.g. Tire liner, mini pump, rear saddle bag, better seat, etc
  8. Cupid

    Thinner Tires on ST1

    Dear ST1 owners, Has everyone here changed their stock tire on their ST1 to thinner tires? How is the result afterwards? Does it go faster? Stiffer ride? Any insight would be appreciated as stock tires seems too wide and thick. Do you need to change the wheel as well or can you just buy...
  9. Cupid

    Easy Motion Nitro City owners out there~?

    Any Nitro City owners out there? How do you guys like the bike? Interested in purchasing Nitro City and want to get real owners review on the bike. What other bikes did you consider and how do you like it so far? The only minus for me is that I would have to remove the battery to charge it...
  10. Cupid

    Evo Street Top Speed in pedal assist mode

    What is typical top speed on Evo Street in pedal assist mode? How does it compare with Evo City? Is the top speed lower b/c Street has small wheel than City model? Courts review said both Evo can easily hit around 25mph in pedal assist mode. Just want to real numbers from real riders.
  11. Cupid

    2015 EPIK SE for sale

    Latest 2015 e-Joe EPIK SE model for sale MINT Condition. Ridden only few time. No longer need folding bike. Beautiful bike and Great folding bike for commute. Location: NYC metro area If interested send me an email: