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    Solid-looking new Fenix bike headlight ...

    Hi Guys, This has just been released, and I am thinking that mine will be in my rural Alberta Post Office tomorrow ... ordered two weeks ago ... My new Radmission arrived a couple of weeks ago, and mounting the headlamp in the designated spot was...
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    Radmission accelerator work on highest motor assist?

    Hi Guys, I was just wondering if the "accelerator function" will actually do anything if the Pedal/Motor Boost Setting is already set to its maximum number. Like where would the extra "jam" come from? Thanks!
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    RadMission patience :)

    Howdy, Living in retirement in SW Alberta and just ordered a new RadMission online a few days ago. Now begins the wait until (one hopes) the advertised October delivery time. I think that they have to be trucked up to western Canada from Seattle to Vancouver, and trucked-out to the hinterland...