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  1. Cyklefanatic

    Vado broken rear spokes

    At around 4,600 km I broke a rear spoke. LBS repaired it for $50. No warranty after 1 year. At 4,900 km I broke another rear spoke and the dealer wants another $50. I asked if there were other alternatives to improve the life. I only ride on paved bike paths or on the road, no gravel or dirt. I...
  2. Cyklefanatic

    Ideal battery and motor temperature?

    I just downloaded Blevo for my Vado 4 and now after two rides I am inundated with new information. The first ride the outdoor temp. was 2-3C. Battery was in the garage and started at 11C but warmed up to 14C during the ride. The temperature today was 6C and my average battery temp was 22C. Is...
  3. Cyklefanatic

    Why Presta?

    My pet peeve for today is Presta valves. Why do ebike manufacturers keep using Presta valves even though tires are 2-4 inches wide. They are a pain to fill and measure tire pressure. Schrader valves are everywhere and you don’t need adapters. Getting accurate pressure readings is easier on...
  4. Cyklefanatic

    Wide ratio ebike cassette?

    I find that with an ebike I am constantly skipping over gears. The boost of the motor provides enough acceleration that even if your cadence is slightly off it only takes a second to get to cadence you can live with, at least for a road/commuter ebike. Without a motor it’s critical to have lots...
  5. Cyklefanatic

    My Planet3 experience

    I was going to wait until my Vado 4.0 came off warranty before I would start modifying it. However after nearly a year and a half and 4,600 km. the bike has been so reliable I decided to go ahead and derestrict the speed limit. I live in Canada so our all of our bikes are limited to 32kph. My...
  6. Cyklefanatic

    RX vs RXPro forks

    I am thinking about getting an RX and wondering about how good the fork is and the amount of travel. I’m on the light side at 160 pounds and have found that cheap forks are setup for heavier riders and you cannot upgrade the springs in any way. Or are they using a better fork with springs that...
  7. Cyklefanatic

    Second attempt at a simple maintenance stand

    Previously I posted a simple homemade bike stand for chain maintenance. It works well but you have to flip the bike upside down which is difficult for heavy ebike. So I came up with a simpler system that only works on bikes with rear racks. I used two pieces of wood I had lying around to clamp...
  8. Cyklefanatic

    A Real Innovator

    Allen Millyard makes you tube videos show casing his engineering and fabrication skills. His creations are so creative and rethink common practices for the better. Unlike most so called bike manufacturers who build bikes by ordering from a catalog he starts from scratch and builds most of his...
  9. Cyklefanatic

    Poor Mans Satiator

    Although the Grin Satiator is the very best ebike battery charger I just can’t get past the high initial price. So in order to maximize my battery life I came up with this simple solution. Use a cheap mechanical rotary timer. The older ones can be set to 15 minute increments. Mine is around 30...
  10. Cyklefanatic

    Budget Discussions

    When discussing the cost of my bike obsession I always have to remind my wife how cheap ebikes are compared to the other midlife crisis purchases that I could be fanatical about. It helps to bring up the subject of the desirability of an expensive boator a Ferrari from time to time to keep...
  11. Cyklefanatic

    Roads closed due to COVID

    The city of Toronto has closed selected roads to traffic to allow pedestrians, joggers, bikes, family’s to get outside and maintain social distancing. My normal rides take me along the lake where there are several bike paths that are interrupted by residential housing. The city has now connected...
  12. Cyklefanatic

    Fat bikes a fad?

    At the risk of upsetting a lot of riders I have to ask what is the current obsession with fat bikes all about? The extra weight and resistance of these huge tires kills batteries and makes motors work much harder. A thinner tire with full suspension performs better if you need to go rock...
  13. Cyklefanatic

    Maintenance Tip

    The front fender on my bike came loose and the only way to fix it was to remove the front wheel to expose the loose screw. I needed a way to to hold the bike while I worked on it. So I made a very simple handlebar stand and it works better than I expected. I got the fender fixed in minutes. But...
  14. Cyklefanatic

    Change springs in Suntour NCX

    I have a Vado 4.0 with the Suntour 50mm travel NCX fork. The fork is adjusted with the minimum preload and rebound. However it barely moves even on sharp deep potholes. I believe I do not weigh enough for the spring used in the fork. I am 160 pounds. Does Suntour offer optional lighter springs?
  15. Cyklefanatic

    Why are SurRons so cheap? Or maybe the real question is why are ebikes so expensive? Luna cycle is selling SurRon electric motorbikes for $3,400. That includes a massive battery, powerful motor, long travel front and rear suspension, 4 piston disc brakes, wide knobby...
  16. Cyklefanatic

    USB from headlight?

    Is it possible to wire a USB cable to a 6 volt ebike headlight so that you can charge your phone as you ride?
  17. Cyklefanatic

    Vado tire pressure

    I am wondering what air pressure people are using on their Vados. Specialized recommends 50-75 but I find 50 too hard with lots of road imperfections coming through the frame. I prefer 35-40 psi. I haven’t had any flats or other tire issues after 1400 km. of mostly road and paved trail use.
  18. Cyklefanatic

    Samsung publishes peer reviewed paper in Nature promising solid state battery breakthrough

    Samsung has published in Nature a breakthrough in solid state battery technology. Their test battery produced 80% more power for the same volume with less weight. I have not read the full submission only the abstract but others are saying it is truly a the breakthrough that eliminates dendrites...
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    Long term ebike reviews

    Have you ever considered doing long term reviews of ebikes. The sort of thing that Consumers reports does. Buy the bike have your staff use it and keep notes of their thoughts as well as operating costs and repairs. You could select a bike using the various motor manufacturers and stick to the...