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  1. Tara D.

    Cane Creek Thudbuster LT Suspension Seat Post Review

    If your thinking about comfort check out this review of the Cane Creek Thudbuster
  2. Tara D.

    eProdigy Whistler Video Review

    I like how small and compact the motor is! The 2016 eProdigy Whistler is a well rounded mostly-city oriented mid-drive electric bike, eProdigy is offering a more powerful 500 watt motor that's visually small and relatively quiet along with a...
  3. Tara D.

    Anyone installing the COBI system on a ProTour?

    @igbright as soon as you get one and start investigating how to go about that let us know how you ended up installing it and how it works!
  4. Tara D.

    Trueing stand

    Did you find it? This was the list of truing stands and tension mesauring tool she recommended.
  5. Tara D.

    Trueing stand

    @Ann M. Do you have a stand you could recommend?
  6. Tara D.

    A shout out to ebike accommodating merchants

    Alright! That is fantastic :)
  7. Tara D.

    Riding in the rain?

    I agree with what you are saying and Ouch @Barkme Wolf hope you and the bike are A OK!
  8. Tara D.

    Greetings from a prospectiv Stromer-owner :-) Anyone of you tryed a Grace One-bike ?

    I have not tried a Grace One bike but I did just ride a Stromer a few weeks ago and it was a blast!
  9. Tara D.

    EG Vienna 250 Video Review

    The more I see these folding bikes the more I think I should start looking into one, it would be so easy to just pop in the back of the SUV with my littles balance bike and go off somewhere to ride around! The EG Vienna 250 is one of the lightest and...
  10. Tara D.

    battery case

    Woah @walawn you weren't joking about lacking patience ;) eventually ended up being 10 minutes later, I guess the perfectionist won out :D! Did you get any photos of the damage and your repair? I'd like to see! Sounds like locking the battery back in place after charging is something I would...
  11. Tara D.

    Turbo hauling a kid trailer

    @holden99 Do you have a way to upload some photos of your set up?
  12. Tara D.

    Stop hating ebikes

    Looks like you had fun @mamerc Thanks for sharing the video!
  13. Tara D.

    Easy Motion Big Bud Pro Video Review

    @JFane Awesome! I'm glad to hear the bike is working out for you and you're enjoying it!
  14. Tara D.

    "Early June" Radrover shipments

    Don't forget to post some photos and stories of your adventures as you get going with the bikes! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's set up!
  15. Tara D.

    E-Lux Newport Video Review

    @Michael Trazoff thanks for your report on the bike! Keep riding, and keep it fun!
  16. Tara D.

    IZIP E3 Zuma Video Review

    Ouch! I'm glad the bike is alright though! At least your fingers are working so you can hang out on here while your scrapes heal! :D I always like a nice epsom bath for the aches after something like that.
  17. Tara D.

    Turbo hauling a kid trailer

    Awesome @Allan47.7339 and @holden99 for sharing!
  18. Tara D.

    I just bought a 2015 iZip E3 Dash for $1,200!

    Sweet deal @TenBlinkers ! Lets see a photo!
  19. Tara D.

    "Early June" Radrover shipments

    @walawn bummer for the scratches! I'm glad it wasn't seriously damaged! I hope everyone else's bike comes it good shape!
  20. Tara D.

    IZIP E3 Zuma Video Review

    I love finding little lakes! Hope you weren't scraped up to bad!